What is Call Screening and how does it Work?

Screening a phone call is one of the best features every business phone system should have. It helps filter incoming calls and avoids unwanted calls from possible robocalls and spam callers. With this feature, you can quickly identify priority clients’ calls from annoying spam calls, increasing your business productivity. At Callture, you can learn more about our Call Screening feature and how it works for the industry that you are in. Learn how the call screening feature benefits you and your business by calling us today!

Automatic call screening is the practice of determining what kind or type of call you are receiving. It helps you choose what action to take to avoid wasting time in your everyday telecommunications process. When you fully discover the feature, you will enjoy certain benefits such as reducing missed calls, avoiding annoying calls, limiting phone scams, and focusing more on your business.

What is Call Screening and how does it Work?

How to Use Call Screening For Your Benefit?

By having an incoming call screen, you can expect to enjoy a lot of benefits. The incoming call screen helps you manage your workday so you can focus on the things that matter most instead of entertaining unsolicited calls. Reducing scam calls through call screening can help you be more productive and efficient at work.

That is why knowing about call screening will help you to make most of your decisions. Call screening involves a caller ID containing the caller’s name and phone number. Having access to the caller ID and phone number will make it easier for you to block or decline the call, as you already know it is not your client.

The following are some ways you can use call screening to benefit your business:

Reduce missed calls

With a high-quality call screening service, you can expect fewer missed calls thanks to additional callback and call forwarding features. With these features in place, your customers can reach out to a reliable support line and may be dialed back to answer their queries.

Avoid annoying calls

One of the most obvious benefits of knowing how to screen a call is to stop receiving calls from callers that are anonymous, spam, or robocalls. Using the call screening feature through a reliable VoIP phone and phone systems for business, you can reclaim your time and stop answering these nuisance calls.

Limit phone scams

In today’s day and age, fraud and scams are widespread. Callers tend to target everyone on their radar to maximize their chances of deception. However, with the help of number screening, you can minimize the chances of fraud in your business.

Focus on your business

Call screening gives you all the time to focus on your business. Since this feature helps you avoid annoying calls, you can focus your energy on growing your business, such as serving your customers.

Best Features to Look for with Call Screening

It is essential to note that when you want to know how to set up or screen a phone call to your phone system, you should know its features first to determine whether it will help your business communication in the long run. To learn about this, here are the things you need to consider as you look for a service with call screening.

Call Routing

One of the essential features that your call screening should have is call routing. This feature can directly connect the incoming caller to an agent in charge, meaning your calls can be routed to someone appropriate to answer queries after your business hours.


The callback feature offers excellent convenience to your customer, saving you a lot of time and eliminating the need for any phone tag. This feature lets inbound callers choose what time they want to have a callback, whether on the same day or later in the week.

Call Blocking

Blocking an incoming call that does not provide caller information is one way to improve your business communication. The call-blocking feature and the incoming call screen can help you prevent inbound calls with that particular number, zip, and area code. In addition, you can also play an automated message so the anonymous caller won’t try to call again.

Do Not Disturb

When you don’t want to receive incoming calls but do not want to block calls, the “Do Not Disturb” call screening feature will come in handy. This feature forwards calls to voicemail, so you are aware of the caller but don’t need to answer in real-time. Once you can take calls again, the “Do Not Disturb” feature will simply turn off.

Call screening can greatly help any business that has trouble handling incoming calls from anonymous callers. It helps improve the quality of telecommunications performance and productivity of a company, so there are fewer nuisance calls on the line. Through call screening and our other great features, Callture enables you to handle all unwanted calls through the best phone plans to make the most of your time focusing on your business.

What is Call Screening and how does it Work?

So, if you need help with how to screen a call or deal with an annoying caller, we are more than willing to handle it for you. Want to know more? Check out our business phone system feature here!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Call screening helps you block unwanted callers so you can focus on more important things. With its excellent features, you can quickly evaluate and decide what action to take if someone calls you anonymously. In addition, call screening helps you improve your customer satisfaction, where needs and concerns are addressed quickly.

Call screening works differently depending on your business phone system provider. For example, at Callture, the caller to an extension will be asked to record their name after selecting call screening. You will hear the recording, and it’s up to you to connect with the caller or send their call to voicemail.

You need to follow certain business telephone etiquette to communicate successfully. That said, you are expected to give less information during screened calls in a more straightforward way. One way to quickly screen a call is to say that you are unavailable so the caller will not bother to call you back after the first attempted call.

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