What is a Virtual Phone Number and How does it work?

Communication is vital to leveling up your business' local presence. To help you reach more potential clients, you need a virtual phone number that lets you connect with anyone in the world anytime and anywhere. Using a virtual number will make it easier to communicate on the go, as the call is conducted virtually. You won't be limited to a single device or location, as the call happens in the virtual world.

A virtual phone number is an essential and reliable personal and business communication tool. It contributes to the overall connection of a company to its customers, significantly boosting customer satisfaction and convenience. Read on to learn about virtual phone numbers, how they work, the difference between virtual and regular phone numbers, and how to get a virtual phone number in minutes.

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How does a Virtual Phone Number Work?

A virtual phone number is not specifically tied to any phone line. It is routed to a phone or series of phones through an internet connection or cloud-based phone system. These numbers work through VoIP, making them ideal for incoming or outgoing calls from your customers worldwide.

Businesses use virtual phone numbers to build a local presence in multiple locations. Individuals can also benefit from virtual phone numbers that can be used to send and receive calls on their phones or computers.

Since making a call with a virtual phone number relies on the internet, you can reach multiple people using your phone and computer. When a call comes to your virtual phone number, it is routed to the virtual phone system. The system will detect the call and forward it to the specific phone number or device of the receiver, allowing the call to reach the correct destination. So, if you are a business that wants to upgrade in communication, setting up a virtual phone number is the best way to go.

How to get a virtual phone number?

You can get a virtual phone number by following specific steps. Understanding the whole process and flow of getting a virtual phone number for personal or business use will simplify the process.

Step 1: Choose the area code or type of virtual phone number

The first step to getting a virtual number is to select the area code you are in and the type of virtual phone number you want. It is best to check the best option so you can communicate seamlessly with your team and customers.

Step 2: Compare the prices of every service

Once you are done choosing a number, it is time to look for a plan or service that is affordable and coincides with your budget. First, compare providers' service prices to determine the best rate. Then take note of the plan's features, so you know whether the price matches the plan's quality.

Step 3: Purchase the plan that fits your needs.

When you have finally found the right plan for your business, it is time to make the purchase. If you have questions about the phone service plan, you can always ask the provider for assistance. Having a strong customer relationship with your phone provider can help to quickly solve any issues that may hinder the flow of communication in and out of your business.

What's the main difference between virtual phone numbers and regular ones?

Virtual phone numbers have several qualities that differentiate them from traditional phone numbers. The major difference is that virtual phone numbers significantly improve business communication through their reliability and convenience.


Traditional phone numbers are installed and provided by a telephone company. In contrast, virtual phone numbers are location-agnostic and are not explicitly bound to one place, meaning you don't need to be in the office to make a business call.


Virtual phone numbers are considered to be the best when it comes to flexibility. It enables businesses to receive calls from anywhere and share the same cloud PBX with their whole team. Traditional numbers, on the other hand, have some restrictions.


One of the known benefits of a virtual phone number is the additional features it gives to the user, such as call forwarding, voicemail, and call recording. Many people choose virtual numbers over traditional numbers for these features.

What are the benefits of virtual phone numbers?

Choosing a virtual phone number for your business communication needs is a wise decision. Virtual numbers don't just cater to your business needs but also increase productivity in your business as you can serve your customers efficiently. That said, here are the benefits of virtual phone numbers.

Taking calls from anywhere in the world

A virtual number allows you to take calls from people anywhere worldwide, making these numbers especially beneficial for businesses with an international presence or team. A team member in Canada can answer your call before being seamlessly forwarded to you in Scotland. So, if you aim to make a positive impression on your caller, get a virtual number.

Increased flexibility and mobility

Since communication happens in the virtual world, you can conduct phone calls on the go. Receiving and making calls anywhere will give you increased flexibility and mobility while working.

Improved scalability

The good thing about virtual numbers is that they don't require dedicated hardware, so they usually have no line limitation. Therefore, using a virtual phone number makes scaling with your business or industry easy.

Better anonymity

When you use a virtual phone number, you can conduct business from your personal phone while protecting your personal identity. Virtual phone numbers have the ability to conceal your caller ID.

Lower cost

Having a virtual number eliminates any expensive add-ons or fees for you and your customers, increasing your business communication. Virtual phone numbers are typically cheaper than traditional phone numbers, saving you money while delivering impressive features.

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There is no doubt that virtual phone numbers benefit businesses, organizations, and individuals. You can connect with the people you want to communicate with, such as your co-workers, employees, clients, and outside forces. In addition, using these numbers lets you build your local presence, as people can reach you anytime and anywhere. If you are curious about how a virtual phone number works and the contributions it can give to your business, contact Callture for a reliable virtual phone system!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A virtual phone number can be beneficial for yourself and your business for several reasons. First, this number lets you connect with people worldwide with outstanding reliability. It can help you build a local presence, save money, and has excellent portability like no other.

Using a virtual number is safe if you choose a reliable and trustworthy provider that keeps all your data and information intact. As a user, you must use a strong password and keep it secure to protect yourself from any online attacks.

Yes, you can use multiple virtual numbers for your business. Choose the best option for any business phone number provider worldwide, Callture, to purchase the best for your business.

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