How to Set up a Conference Call

Conference calls are a great way to hold productive meetings with your team. Learning how to set up a conference call from any device is an excellent opportunity to familiarize yourself with starting a conference call so you don't have any problems during your meeting. Although you may have been a part of a conference call many times, high-definition conference calls can be challenging to navigate without an introduction. In this article, we will guide you through conference calling to ensure you have all the know-how to conduct a successful conference call.

Setting up a conference call is easy when you know the steps. You need to choose the date and time for the meeting, invite the call participants, and start the session if everyone is gathered already. These basic steps will help you have a smooth and successful conference call with your team and clients today and in the future.

How to Set up a Conference Call

Since the pandemic, most business meetings have been done through conference calls. These calls allow you to connect with more people, providing many advantages for every business. So you know the basic steps of how to make a conference call, but there is a setup process that needs to be done before simply starting the meeting Check out the below steps to successfully host a conference call, regardless of the distance and participants.

How to Set up a Conference Call

To effectively set up a conference call, you must fully understand the process. We have listed the steps below for your reference.

Create an account for the conference call.

The first step in setting up a conference meeting is to create your account in the conference call platform of your choosing. Many conference calling tools/platforms offer a free trial, so be sure to take advantage of these options by signing up.

Get the dial-in numbers for your participants.

Once you have an account and are in the account dashboard, it's time to select the dial-in numbers for your callers. The dial-in numbers are unique and will allow participants to join the conference call.

Choose the time and date for the conference call.

After selecting the dial-in numbers, you can pick the date and time for the meeting. Be sure to choose a time that works well for everyone, and keep in mind the time zones of your attendees so there will be minimal conflicts.

Send the invites to the call participants.

Once your meeting is scheduled, you can start sending invites to the attendees. In most cases, you can share the invites through a meeting link, participant code, or a dial-in number. You can send invites via email, instant message, chat, etc. Be sure to send the invite in advance, so participants are prepared for the conference call.

Dial into the conference.

When it is finally time for your conference call, you can dial the call using the general conference call number. After dialing in, enter your conference code and host number. Once you have entered the conference call, you can wait for the participants to enter. As the host, you will wait for the participants to come in and let them in if they request to join the conference.

Start the conference call.

Once everyone is in the virtual conference room, you can officially start the meeting.

What are the best options to invite people for the call?

There are several options you can choose from when it comes to sending meeting invites. Although most invites depend on the conference call system, platform, or tool you use, most people use the following options to send out invitations to meeting attendees.


Most people who do conference calls send out invites through emails. The email invite contains the meeting link, dial-in number, and PIN.


Other than email, SMS or instant messaging are standard methods for sending out conference call invitations. A benefit to inviting attendees through SMS is that if some of your attendees don't have the conference call app or check their email regularly, the SMS will remind them of the call.


One of the good things about conference calls is that the apps will automatically notify the participants of the call you have set. Inviting people to the call is easy, and no additional invites need to be sent.

What is conference call etiquette?

Attending a conference call has rules and guidelines you need to follow. So, aside from knowing the basics of setting up a conference call, you need to learn the importance of meeting etiquette to come prepared during the meeting. Some of the baseline tips for behaving professionally in a conference call include:

Some of Callture's VoIP features include:

  • Stay muted when you don't have something to say.
  • Be on time for the scheduled conference.
  • Always introduce yourself before you begin to speak.
  • Refrain from interrupting when someone is talking.

How to Set up a Conference Call

Indeed, there are many things you need to know regarding setting up a conference call. Having a solid understanding of the available features and options will help you maximize the use of this digital communication tool. If you are a small or mid-sized business looking for a trusted and reliable business phone provider that offers an excellent conference calling feature for the business phone system, Callture is your ultimate solution. We give you the best business phone service that costs less and delivers more! Sign up today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A conference call is the newest way to communicate and connect with the people you want to talk with, whether for personal or business matters. This type of telephone call is called a teleconference, where people who are invited to the call can quickly join by dialing a number or using the meeting link or PIN upon entry.

There are different ways of scheduling a call. But in most cases, conference calls are scheduled through the following:

  • Open your preferred conference call platform
  • Go to the calendar
  • Choose your desired date and time
  • Type in the conference title and description
  • Add the email addresses of your participants
  • Confirm the details and send the invites

The number of participants allowed to enter the conference call depends on the tool you are using for the call. With Callture, our conference calling is an easy call setup with up to 10 people at any time. It is specifically designed for businesses that want smooth communication with their clients and team, especially when training your clients or conducting a sales meeting.

Conference calls do cost money, but you can save a lot if you know how to choose the right plan and phone system for your personal or business needs. At Callture, we offer straightforward and transparent prices. Moreover, as there is one price per user, you can ensure that we provide affordable conference calling services and more. Plus, there are no hidden extra costs like installation, maintenance, or usage charges.

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