What is a Toll-Free number and How to get it in Canada?

Connecting to your potential customer in Canada can be easy with a toll-free number that enables successful business communication without huge costs and charges. A trusted business phone provider can get your business to many places. They can provide excellent service and give you a free 1800 number in Canada. So, choose the best toll-free service to reach customers and businesses from different industries in the country.

A toll-free number is what callers in Canada, the United States, and the Caribbean use when connecting with a person living in Canada. It is a convenient and affordable way to build connections since it does not require payment for every call. Instead, the owner of the toll-free number will pay for the calling costs and charges. Since toll-free numbers can be easily set up and have advanced features, more businesses are investing in this type of telephone number for many reasons. Continue reading to learn more about toll-free numbers in Canada, how to get them, and the best providers of toll-free numbers.

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What is a toll-free number, and how do you get one in Canada?

A toll-free number allows callers to contact a business without paying any charges. In Canada, toll-free numbers are prefixed with area codes from 800 to 888. When someone calls the number, the owner will pay for the call instead of the caller.

When getting a toll-free number in Canada, you first should contact a reliable business phone provider that offers a service with no geographical area or time zone limitations. Additionally, check whether the provided service can be accessed in all 20 countries listed in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP). Many providers offer packages that include the cost of the toll-free number, monthly service fee, and additional advanced features. Always check whether the package fits your business needs.

What are the types of toll-free numbers?

Several virtual phone systems offer different types of toll-free numbers in Canada. These numbers allow callers to dial for free from anywhere in the country, making them shared-cost service numbers that are free for people dialing on a landline. With Callture, some of the provided types of toll-free numbers are:

  • 800 numbers
  • 833 numbers
  • 844 numbers
  • 855 numbers
  • 866 numbers
  • 877 numbers
  • 888 numbers

What are the best features of a toll-free number?

Toll-free numbers come with various features to help your business better manage incoming calls. These numbers have standard features like call forwarding, call routing, voicemail, auto-attendant, and conference calling.

Call forwarding

Toll-free numbers in Canada allow you to forward incoming calls to another phone number. Call forwarding is a beneficial feature if you are unavailable to pick up a call but still want the caller to reach a representative of your company.

Call routing

Call routing is one of the best call management features with toll-free numbers. This toll-free number feature allows you to place a call en route to different phone numbers. The routing process is based on the time and location of the caller.

Voicemail delivery

If you are someone that is not available to take calls 24/7, the best toll-free number feature that can help you is voicemail. Toll-free number services send voicemails in MP3 format directly to any email address you choose for excellent customer service.

Conference calling

Toll-free numbers are also perfect for holding calls online. They allow you to cater to up to 10 people simultaneously, reaching multiple participants at once. Using a toll-free number will enable you to talk to many people without limits.

Why get a toll-free number in Canada from Callture?

There are several reasons why getting a toll-free number boosts your business in the long run. They offer many benefits to overall communication with your team and potential customers. Callture helps you get and transfer a toll-free number quickly. Here is why getting a toll-free number from us is a must.

Increasing call volume

A new toll-free number allows you to cater to the increasing population of callers and customers. If you have significantly increased your daily call volume, you should get a new toll-free number to improve your sales. Getting a toll-free number will make it easier for your customers to reach you since calls will be forwarded to multiple people on your team.

Expanding to the international market

If your business is growing, your business communication plan must evolve with it. Expand your communication capacity and functions through a toll-free number. This service will prevent your business from unnecessary expenses and extra fees that can be incurred from international calls.

Building credibility and making a professional impression

Using a virtual phone system with a toll-free number format makes your business appear more professional and established. Getting a toll-free number significantly builds your business credibility by showing you are willing to invest in customer service and creating a professional impression on your customers.

Improving customer experience

One of the benefits of getting a toll-free number is that you can enjoy many features while improving your customer experience. Communication is smooth and easy as you offer customers a flexible way to call through the auto attendant. In addition, with a toll-free number, customers feel satisfied as a representative always handles their issues.

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Become a successful business owner by knowing how to get a toll-free number in Canada. It is the first step you need to take to broaden and modernize your communication practices. Getting a toll-free number will help you expertly advertise your business to the world. Choose a reliable business phone provider to get the best toll-free service and features. If you are looking for a trusted provider that offers excellent toll-free numbers and VPBX, Callture is the way to go! Contact us today to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1-800 numbers are toll-free numbers in Canada that are prefixed with the area code 800. These numbers allow callers to dial for free from anywhere in Canada. 1-800 numbers are the most common type of toll-free number in Canada and have been used for many years. As a result, consumers widely recognize them and are often associated with customer service lines or helplines.

Yes. Toll-free numbers work in Canada. They are a valuable tool for businesses nationwide because they allow customers to contact a business without incurring long-distance charges. In addition, toll-free numbers make it more convenient for customers to call the specific company, and they help increase customer satisfaction.

The cost of a toll-free number greatly depends on the provider, its features, and the overall service. Callture plans start at $4.95. Expect an affordable toll-free number service.

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