How to Change your Voicemail Greeting

A voicemail greeting is essential when you want to leave a good impression on the people calling you. Whether you are unable to take a call because you are busy or have yet to notice the ring in the first place, creating a voicemail greeting helps your callers know how they can get in touch with you next time. So If you're still using the default voicemail greeting, it's time to change it. Learn how to change your voicemail greeting with Callture.

Personalizing your voicemail greeting is a straightforward way of telling people they have contacted the right person or business. In addition, the voicemail greeting will explain why you are currently unavailable and how they can reach you if they ever need you in the future. That is why knowing how to change your voicemail greeting (both on a mobile phone and landline) is an important feature you should learn how to do.

How to Change your Voicemail Greeting

There is no denying that voicemail greeting is the newest form of recording that helps you inform your clients or business partners that you are unavailable to receive their calls However, if you want the people calling you to know that they are calling the right person, you should see the process of changing your voicemail to achieve a more personal greeting.

How to Change your Voicemail Greeting

Changing the voicemail greeting can be simple if you fully understand the instructions. To help you, here are step-by-step instructions for setting up your voicemail greeting effectively for your wireless device and your landline phone.

From a Phone

Step 1: Go to your "Phone" app.

The first thing you should do in changing your voicemail is to go directly to the app. Tap the "Phone" logo to get started.

Step 2: Tap the dial pad.

Once you have access to the app, open the dial pad near the bottom of your phone screen.

Step 3: Call your voicemail.

With the use of the dial pad, call your voicemail. Type in the assigned number for the voicemail account and tap the "Call" button. For a more straightforward way, long press 1.

Step 4: Open your voicemail settings.

After you have called your voicemail, you will be prompted on how to access your voicemail settings. Once you have opened the system, tap on the dial pad corresponding to your setting.

Step 5: Access the greeting settings.

Press the dial pad key corresponding to the greeting or recorded name options. In doing so, you will be directed to change voicemail.

Step 6: Change your voicemail greeting.

Next, you need to press the assigned dial pad key that leads you to change or record your voicemail greeting. In changing your voicemail, you can choose either a standard greeting or a custom one.

You are allowed to choose different variations when you select the standard greeting. However, opting for the custom greeting will enable you to create a personal recording. To begin, merely speak your greeting after the prompt tone has sounded.

Step 7: Confirm the greeting and exit.

Once you select and record the greeting, press the assigned button to confirm your recording. You can then press the End Call button to exit the voicemail system. And that's how you can change your voicemail greeting from your device in seven simple steps.

From a Landline

Step 1: Call your voicemail.

For the landline version of how to change voicemail messages, you need to begin by calling your phone number from your landline phone.

Step 2: Press # for greeting interruption.

When you have entered the voicemail system, you will be greeted with a voicemail greeting. To interrupt the greeting and proceed, press the # key.

Step 3: Enter voicemail password.

After that, you will then be prompted to enter your password. Once you have typed in your password, go to the voicemail's main menu.

Step 4: Proceed with the menu.

You must select personal options from the menu by tapping key 4. To change the greeting or name of your landline phone, press 3. Then, to make a unique greeting, press 1.

Step 5: Record your greeting.

Start recording your greeting. Registering your own personal greeting instead of using the standard greeting or having another person record your message adds a personal touch and note of sincerity for the caller.

Step 6: Listen, re-record and save.

Sometimes, you need more than one shot to get it right. Listening back to your message and re-recording is highly recommended to ensure you have a professional voicemail message you can be proud of. For the optimal voicemail greeting, always include your name, business, and date, so the caller knows that you are the person they are calling. Once you're satisfied with your greeting, save it, and you're done.

How to Change your Voicemail Greeting

Knowing how to change your voicemail greetings for your device or landline is essential to delivering effective communication to your clients, team, and people outside your business. You must know the basic steps to leave a long-lasting impression on them. With a good voicemail greeting, you are giving people the relevant information they need to avoid giving follow-up questions on the next call. To learn more about voicemail etiquette, contact a Callture specialist today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A voicemail greeting is an essential part of personal and business communication. It allows you to connect with your clients and your team even if you are not around. This greeting builds a good rapport between callers and your business. It also leaves a good impression on the caller, instructing them to call again or leave a message instead.

It is always necessary to say your name in voicemail greetings, preferably at the beginning of the message, so the caller knows whose voicemail box they have reached. You should include your complete name and the company name. Remember to have an enthusiastic and clear tone of voice as well.

You can say many things in a voicemail greeting, but a simple structure that is easy for the caller to follow and understand is best. Your greeting should be professional, concise, and straightforward. Some of the things you say in the greeting are your name, company, a simple explanation of the missed call, an estimated time to get back to the ring, and a call to action (like directing a caller to your website for more information).

Generally speaking, a voicemail greeting should be 10-20 seconds long. Within that period, you are expected to state your contact information. Be concise and straightforward with your message so the caller won't get bored with what you are saying.

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