Complete Guide on How to Call Canada From US

Calling someone who lives in Canada can be done in a few simple steps when you understand the process and how calling Canada from the USA can be done correctly. Connect with the people you plan to contact by following the specific guidelines we have prepared for you. Know what specific area code you want to communicate with and choose a reliable business phone system offering unlimited calling service for your business.

Know the basics of calling a Canadian contact from the country you are in to improve your business communication. Then, get to know more basic information regarding calling in Canada. Here is a quick guide to help you learn how to call Canada from the USA. First, learn about various codes for Canadian cities. Then, learn about call rates and how to call at a low cost.

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Complete Guide on How to Call Canada from the US

Are you looking for a guide to help you with calling someone living in Canada? Start by reading along and familiarizing yourself with the different Canadian area codes.

What are the Canadian country phone codes and area codes?

An area code is a three-digit code assigned to a Canadian region. You must follow the standard format of phone numbers (area code) (local exchange) (local number) in order for you to call someone in a region of Canada.

Below are the area codes in the Canadian provinces and territories.

Province/Territory Area code
Alberta 587, 403, 780
British Columbia 778, 604
Manitoba 204
New Brunswick 506
Newfoundland and Labrador 226
Nova Scotia 902
Ontario 226, 289, 705, 613, 343, 807, 437, 647
Prince Edward Island 902
Quebec 579, 450, 581, 873, 819, 438, 514, 418
Saskatchewan 306

How to call Canada from the USA on landlines and cell phones?

Calling someone you know in Canada using any device is easy. The process is the same whether you are calling on a landline or a cell phone. Making an international call to Canada is easy when you know the necessary steps, so get your device and follow the steps below.

The first thing you should do to call someone in Canada is dial in the country's exit code, "1". Type in the area code, then the remaining seven digits of the person's phone number. Once done, you can proceed with the normal calling process.

How to reduce calling rates when calling Canada from the USA?

Like most international calls, there are different call rates when calling someone in Canada. That said, Canada calling rates depend on the service provider you have chosen to invest in your business communication. Fortunately, calls from the USA to Canada don't have the same high rates as other international calls.

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How to call Canada from the US at a low cost?

There are several ways to reduce calling costs from Canada to the United States. You can use the following steps to cut costs from all your calls in the country. That said, check out the following ways to call at a low price.

Use a phone plan with discounted international rates

Many phone providers will charge high fees for international calls. Switching to a business phone provider that offers a better rate for calls to Canada will save you money.

Use an internet-based phone service

VoIP phones are the best option for calling someone using an internet connection. When you use an internet-based phone service like this, you can cut costs by paying lower phone rates.

Use a calling card

Another way to call at a discounted rate is through a calling card. You can purchase your prepaid card from designated locations.

Use a messaging app

Messaging apps like Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp are among the most popular tools for sending a message or calling someone. Messaging apps can bridge the gap between one person and another, reaching distant places with an internet connection. Communication is made easy with these apps.

How to Set up a Conference Call

Knowing the country phone code for Canada and all the other crucial information related to calling can make your business communication more accessible. You must understand the overall process and flow of connecting from one country to another to ensure efficient and reliable calling from the USA to Canada. If you are looking for a business phone system to communicate with Canadian clients, Callture has everything you need. Our excellent and affordable calling service lets you communicate with different countries, such as the US and Canada. Interested? Have a Callture specialist contact you today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Calling Canada from the USA is not free. Long-distance charges may apply when calling from the United States to Canada, depending on your phone plan and the type of phone that you are using. The cost will vary depending on your provider. So, it is essential to understand the fees and restrictions of your phone service before making calls to Canada.

Yes, you can call from Canada with your US cellular phone. However, you will likely incur long-distance charges when making calls from Canada to the United States or other countries. Consider purchasing an international calling plan or roaming package from your cellular provider to minimize these charges. These plans can offer discounted rates or a set number of minutes for international calls.

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