Technology Partner Program Brochure

Why you should join the Technology Partner Program at Callture?

Callture understands that as a Value-Added Reseller, you need to constantly integrate with third-party IT software and hardware to be able to offer innovative, turnkey solutions to your customers. If you are looking for a fully customizable and integrated VoIP platform backed by a strong support team, joining Callture’s Technology Partner Program will be a chance to better your service and differentiate you from your competitors.

To give you a better look into our Technology Partner Program, How It Works, step-by-step process, the benefits and supports you will get, we have prepared a brochure with all the information you need to make a great decision!

Integrating Hosted PBX Platform: How channel partners (MSPs and VARs) can help SMBs improve their customer experience and make better business decisions.

In this era when technology is evolving every day, Small-to-medium Businesses may not have the IT skills or resources to recruit the skills they require. Many of SMBs, therefore, are outsourcing services to MSPs or VARs to get around their skill shortages. One of the major opportunities for channel partners to bring significant support to SMBs is to improve their customer experience and make better business decisions by integrating Hosted PBX platform.

This eBook will discuss:

  • What is driving the need to integrate.
  • Practical business applications & benefits of VoIP integration.
  • How to find the right technology partner.

Get a copy of the eBook to gain a thorough understanding of the VoIP integration and how it helps SMBs.

Top Reasons Why You Need to Transit to a Cloud VoIP

Companies are rapidly adopting cloud in their operational environment. Whether the application is being used to store files or by the human resources department for daily task management or by the sales department for their customized CRM solution, they are cloud-based.

If you want to maintain an efficient communication system among your employees in the office as well as the on-the-go workers, Callture strongly recommends you to transit to a Cloud VoIP.

Get a copy of our technical whitepaper to quickly understand the benefits of the cloud-deployed office phone service and make a major decision to transform your business!

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