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Rate Packages

 PriceMinutes IncludedExtensionsFeaturesInternet FaxNumbers (Tollfree or Local)Extra Minutes
Standard$ 4.95 0NoneVoice MailNo14.5 ¢
Professional$ 9.95 300UnlimitedAll IncludedYes14.5 ¢
Enterprise$ 19.95 500UnlimitedAll IncludedYes14.5 ¢
Platinum 2000$ 47.95 2000UnlimitedAll IncludedYes14.5 ¢
Platinum 2500$ 58.95 2500UnlimitedAll IncludedYes14.5 ¢
Platinum 3000$ 78.95 3000UnlimitedAll IncludedYes14.5 ¢

- Free minutes apply only to USA & Canada
- Check international calling/termination rates by clicking below

International Rates
Internet Fax Rates

Note:The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requires that payphone owners be reimbursed for calls using their phones made to toll-free numbers. The tariffed rate is 60¢ per call. (This charge is per call, not per-minute, and is in addition to the normal per-minute rate.)

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