Value-added Solutions

Retail Site

Callture will develop a custom retail site that contains the service plans, number availability, international rate calculator, the online order form and the client login

Customer Log in

Your clients will have access to a management site where they can view their call logs, voice mails, invoice, features, invoices and payments. They can also manage features and order new options.

Payment Gateway

Callture provides merchant interaction tools through a number of credit card processors such as Moneris, Verisign and Cybersource. Callture’s APIs will enable you to perform real time online transactions for new and existing customers.

Direct-Call Application

The DirectCall application allows users to place direct calls from their mobile phone. The user would find their contact in their mobile device Contact List, and then simply make a direct call by pressing the Call or Send button.
Each contact in the user’s phone book will have a unique local number saved with the name. Users simply call the local number and the call gets instantly forwarded to their international destination number.
Here is How It Works:
1. The user calls the regular access number associated with a prepaid calling application and is asked to dial the international destination number.
2. After the call is complete, the user receives a text message informing of the new local number associated with the international number he just called.
3. The user will save the local number with the name of his contact in his mobile phone. Ever time he needs to call the international number, he will find the contact in the Contacts list of his device and press Call.
4. The actual international destination numbers are saved in the platform and users can find them thru the online portal.

Affiliate Programs

You can setup and manage an online affiliate program with mirror web sites, promo codes and tracking numbers. Your agents can also personalize their web sites with their own logo and contact info. Using Callture’s back office, you can setup your commission schedules and run commission reports for your agents.

Promo Code Tracking

Setup referral programs where your customers receive a promo ID upon signup. They can give out their own URL or promo ID to enter on your web site. Referring customers receive a specified credit and referred customers also receive a special deal if using the promo code.

The Promo Code Tracking application enables service providers to launch a variety of marketing programs aimed to substantially increase online sales.

The promo code can be enabled through a URL or by adding a banner with a Promo Code text box.

Here are some examples how the promo code app can be used to increase your revenue:

Free trials 10 days free trial of service
100 minutes free trial
Special offers Buy now and get free minutes
Buy now and get a free month of service
Refer-a-friend Provide a unique Promo Code for each subscriber upon signup. Have your clients give out the Promo Code to new referrals and both get 1 free month of service or extra credit
Campaign tracking Offer the promo code on printed media for special offers
Affiliate programs Provide a new incentive to your agents through the Promo Code to avoid circumvention from online visitors