Platform Features

DID Numbers
Customer Account Management
Customer accounts get created in the sign up process. Your customer service department can also set up accounts from your back office. Customer accounts have different sections such as profile, payment information, and product information.

Plan Management
Callture will provide you with the necessary tools to design your own monthly plans. You can setup limited plans with a specified monthly bucket of minutes. You can setup unlimited plans and include the countries you wish for unlimited calling.

DID Provisioning
Your customers can check number availability online and select a specified number from a pool. Callture will also act as a Resporg to transfer customer working numbers to your voip service.

Rate Management
Callture’s rate management system will allow you to easily create and edit multiple rate tables. You can import rate tables from a spreadsheet or use Callture’s rate creation wizard.

Customer Billing
Callture billing system will allow you to easily run monthly statements for your end users. The monthly statements get posted online on your client’s log in account and similarly you can download all invoices at once for easy printing and distribution.

Each statement will show the client profile, plan description, on-plan usage, off-plan usage, payments, balance, etc.

Usage Reports
With Callture, you will be in control of your sales, usage and quality of service. You can run flexible reports by date on the following:
- Online visits
- Clients signups
- Agent signups
- Usage reports by product, client, agent, origin and destination
- Profitability reports