Product Description

DID Numbers
Callture will provide you with blocks of DIDs from most Canada, USA, Europe, Mexico and other countries around the world. Callture will also provide you with Toll Free numbers from North America. You can setup your DID as phone line or a virtual number to an existing phone line.

VoIP Features
Here is the list of features included in all DIDs. More explanation on the features can be found at

Anonymous call rejection
Call blocking
Call forwarding
Call hunting / Call blasting
Call transfer
Call waiting
Caller ID
Calling card embedded
Distinctive ring
Do not disturb
E911 service
Enhanced voice mail
Music on hold
Online call management
Three way calling

Add-on Options
You can offer a number of value-added options on the voip service, which will substantially increase your ARPU, some of the options include:

- Auto-Attendant (hosted PBX)
- Enhanced toll free numbers
- Universal calling cards
- Virtual phone numbers from 40 countries

SIP devices
You can place orders for SIP devices at wholesale cost. All devices come preconfigured, so all you need is to setup the ATA’s MAC address to the VoIP DID sold to the client. We support most of SIP devices and we can provide the configuration file for your own setup.

International minutes
You can setup and manage prepaid international minutes on your DIDs. When signing up, your clients can setup the prepaid pool for a specified amount which gets auto-recharged when balance goes below $2.

Using your Rate Management section, you can setup international rate tables and your ecommerce site rate calculator gets instantly updated with any changes you perform in the platform.