Wholesalers and Distributors

Bring your existing programs to our platform and see your margins increase. Setup your own minutes on the card and keep all breakage. Provide your own online access to your distributors and retailers.

If your client base mostly makes calls from the US to foreign countries, you can now provide them with quality, economically priced calling cards that facilitate calls from foreign countries to the US. You’ll find that this offer will suit your globetrotting clients.

To help get you up and running, we’ll help you launch your own website. And we’ll also show you how to promote your website by advertising on calling cards, posters and other things.

Distributor management features
Our ASP platform comes with a distributor management system that will enable your distributors and retailers to:

•  Monitor the sales and usage using convenient criteria
•  Activate batches and individual PINs instantly
•  Automatically invoice for activation and show payment summary
•  Provide your agents with private sites so that they can manage their prepaid products
•  Give your affiliates the tools needed to spend more time marketing products and less time working on back-office functions

We give you full control
Our switch allows you to have full control of your business without your having to worry about back-end tasks such as carrier management, switch management and servers. We’ll give you complete control of:

•  Real-time online rate management (including taxes and surcharges)
•  Instant Call Detail Records (CDR) over the web
•  Batch management system to setup groups of products for specific marketing segments
•  Grouping levels to easily manage distributors and retailers
•  A customer service management system to answer your clients’ inquiries
•  A billing system

This is just a small sample of the benefits of using our platform. Please call us to get access to a free 10-day demo.