What You Can Do

Calling cards
  • Add unlimited PIN batches and enable new access numbers in an instant
  • Set up rate decks that fit your local markets, using a flexible billing software
  • Run usage reports from up to the last hour

Pinless international calling
  • Promotional tools to increase volume
  • Credit card gateways, online storefronts, POS stores, and recharge vouchers
  • Direct dial options to enhance the user experience

Mobile Recharge
  • Multiple aggregators with access to all wireless providers.
  • Define your own discounts and service fees
  • User-friendly Point of Sale options for recharges
  • Set up PIN products for universal mobile recharges

Wireless plans
  • Co-branded wholesale pay-as-you-go and unlimited plans
  • Set up your own 011 international LD on the SIMs
  • Direct API interconnection to AT&T platform.

Callture’s pay-as-you-go hosted business model will help you get into the voice business faster and easier, stay on top of new developments, invest the least amount of capital and increase your profit margins. With Callture you concentrate on your core marketing and distribution operations, and leave the rest to us.

With over 15 years of experience in hosted switching solutions, our 24/7 NOC ensures the highest Service Level Agreements with our clients. The usage-based model makes it necessary for Callture to work harder to increase your traffic and business.