Online Vendors

By using our ASP solution, you’ll have access to a number of services geared toward increasing your revenue per visitor.

Increase revenue per visitor

At Callture, we provide you with more options to present to your customer base. Our global access card, for example, not only allows your customers to buy calling cards for calling from US destinations, but also from any mobile phone worldwide. And you’ll further increase your revenue per visitor stats by enabling visitors who normally buy calling cards to call from the US to, say, the Philippines to buy cards for their loved ones in the Philippines so that these loved ones can call them. This innovative way to increase revenue per visitor will greatly enhance your bottom line. Best of all, we can modify your website so that you’ll be able to easily sell global access cards.

Launch your site hassle free

Our industry professionals have the ability to create websites to help you whether you want to compliment your offline distribution networks or to target different segments online. When it comes to selling calling cards on the Internet, we at Callture know the ins and outs better than anyone. We’ll build a fully functional e-commerce website that sells your calling cards. So let us focus on the back-end issues while you focus on marketing.

API – To increase your website functionality

We have a full range of APIs or off-the shelf programs that we can integrate with your e-commerce website to provide you with more functionality. You can easily allow your clients to view call detail records, automatically recharge their airtime once their balances are running low and avoid online fraud through our fraud prevention program. Contact us today to learn more about our full range of APIs.