Platform Features

Here are some of the standard features included in our platform. They were designed to gain more control over the service and facilitate the provisioning process.

Multiple Rate Tiers
This option allows you to provide wholesale services to other clients. The platform lets you manage wholesale prices, balances and payments.

Distribution Levels
As a service provider, you can setup master distributors, distributors, retailers and end users.

Product Management
You can easily create products and retail rate tables that fit your markets. You can upload rates from a spreadsheet our use our rate builder tool with flexible surcharge features and formulas.

Enhanced Online Reports Our flexible reports will let you access crucial data to help you control your business. Some of the reports you can run are: by-country reports showing call completion, total minutes sent, average call duration; by agent/client/ reports showing sales, cost, profits, etc.

Web Site Builder You can easily build your own retail web site with shopping cart. You can insert text boxes, pictures, and banners. You can enable products and groups of products on your shopping cart.

Manage Content You can manage content for your POS retail portals and end user sites. You can select different locations where to display your content.

Fraud prevention
Callture has developed throughout the years a robust fraud prevention mechanism. We control the parameters of the payment gateways and the IVR settings. We also analyze users calling and transaction patterns, and if a transaction is outside the pattern, it gets rejected. We also have created usage caps per operators, destinations, phone numbers and distributor profiles.