Small & Home Based Business

800 Numbers are a proven way for any small business to appear more professional and facilitate conversation between a business and its customers. Callture’s Toll Free Numbers are widely known as a reliable and cost effective alternative to larger corporations who charge outrageous prices. Our features are cutting edge and are constantly being upgraded. Read below to find out more about how our Toll Free Service can help you.

Small Business
Looking for a reliable Toll Free Service at less than half the price of most other 800 number providers? You have come to the right place! Callture has been helping small businesses flourish since 1997. Here are some excellent reasons to sign up with Callture:

•  Activation of your account within 24 hours
•  Use your Toll Free Number (Random, Pool) once your account is activee
•  Activation of Toll Free Vanity Numbers within 4-6 business dayss
•  Change the forwarding “ring-to” number instantly on-linee
•  On-Line Call Details include information such the phone number of the caller, duration of conversation and time of conversationn
•  6 second billing incrementss
•  Only 4.5 cents per minute anywhere in the Contiguous USA..

Marketing Campaigns
Looking for a cost effective voicemail service, which will supply you with relevant real-time data? You have hit the jackpot. Callture can help you create a Toll Free Voicemail box that allows you to record personal greetings right over the phone. Here are some other great reasons to sign up with Callture.

•  Activation of your account within 24 hours
•  Run a successful campaign by using our Vanity Search
•  No contracts to sign, cancel at any time for any reason
•  Access your messages on-line, and download them onto your computer
•  Only $6.99 monthly for the Toll Free Number and the Voicemail service
•  Only 4.5 cents per minute anywhere in the Contiguous USA.

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