Q. Are there any setup fees or minimums?
Q. Other Charges?
Q. How am I billed for the service?
Q. What is a weekly credit limit?
Q. How long does it take to activate my account?
Q. When do I get my Toll Free Number?
Q. What is a ring-to number?
Q. How do I change my ring-to number?
Q. What is the difference between 800, 888, 877, 855 or 866?
Q. How does the voicemail service work?
Q. Are there any contracts?
Q. Do our Toll Free Numbers ever expire?
Q. Who owns the Toll Free Number?

Q.Are there any setup fees or minimums?
No, there are no setup fees for the toll free numbers you order from our pool. There will be one time setup fee of $30 for each Vanity/Custom number you order. [ Top ]
Q.Other Charges?
Charges are as follows:
  • Monthly service charge (depending on the type of service or type of toll free number).
  • Monthly Usage, 6.5 cents (domestic) per minute anywhere in Canada, and 4.5 cents anywhere in the Contiguous USA.
  • Setup fee depending on the service and/or type of number.
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Q.How am I billed for the service?
Callture offers 2 payment options for your convenience. You can use a credit card when signing up and we will bill you directly or you can become a pre-paid client. As a pre-paid client, you will be sending Callture the payment through a variety of methods (Cash, Wire Transfer, ACH). At the end of every month, we will provide you with an invoice that will detail your phone activity and charges.
Please note that we are no longer accepting Western Union Payments [ Top ]
Q.What is a weekly credit limit?
Callture believes in accurate billing; the weekly credit limit allows the user to have complete control over their service. This procedure will only apply to clients who sign up using a credit card. The weekly authorizations work in the following manner.
  1. We will authorize your credit card for the weekly credit limit (you will determine this limit when you sign up for your account and you may change this limit at anytime).
  2. When the authorization is approved, we will place the funds in your account.
  3. At the end of the week, we will charge you what you use out of the limit. Since it is only an authorization, we will drop the hold over the remaining un-used limit.
  4. We will re-authorize your credit card again for the weekly credit limit, and the cycle will begin again.
  5. For example: if you sign-up with a $10 weekly credit limit, here is how the scenario will play out. We authorize you for the $10, if you only use $4.53 (from that $10) we will only charge you the $4.53. Then we drop the hold, and authorize you again at the beginning of the next week.
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Q.How long does it take to activate my account?
Activation of accounts will be done within 24 hours of a business day. If you sign up as a pre-paid client, we will activate your account once we receive your payment. [ Top ]
Q.When do I get my Toll Free Number?
You will be able to choose your Toll Free Number as soon as you sign up. Your number will become active within a business day of your account being activated. If you sign up for a Vanity Number, your number will become active within 4-6 business days after your account is activated. [ Top ]
Q.What is a ring-to number?
Ring-to numbers are directed to your destination of choice. You can have your Toll Free Number assigned to your home phone, cellular phone, pager, or fax. You can also change this number through your on-line account manager. Any change you make is easy and can be done in real time. [ Top ]
Q.How do I change my ring-to number?
Ring-to numbers can be changed through the on-line account manager. Once you save the changes, the route is re-directed immediately to the new destination. There is no extra charge for this feature and you may change the ring-to number as many times as you wish. [ Top ]
Q.What is the difference between 800, 888, 877, 855 or 866?
There is no technical difference between the prefixes of the Toll Free Number. They are all billed at the same per minute rate, but 800 prefix and premium/vanity numbers are billed at different monthly rates than 888, 877, 866, 855 numbers.
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Q.How does the voicemail service work?
Callture has developed a cutting-edge, user-friendly Voicemail Service that is cost effective and has a multitude of features. Our Voicemail boxes are preset to receive and store up to 10 messages at any given time. So when you have a new message, simply listen to it and delete it to ensure your voicemail box is never full. You can also subscribe to a larger voicemail box, just ask us how. [ Top ]
Q.Are there any contracts?
We do not believe in binding contracts. There are no contracts to sign, and you can cancel our services at anytime for any reason. [ Top ]
Q.Do our Toll Free Numbers ever expire?
The only time your Toll Free Number will expire is if you leave it in your account for 60 consecutive days, and do not receive a single call. If you wish to have another number added to your account, just let us know and remember to test it at least once before you give it out to your customers. [ Top ]
Q.Who owns the Toll Free Number?
Once you sign up for the number, and the number and account are activated, the number belongs to you. If you wish to transfer your number to another telecom provider, you may do so. [ Top ]