Special Features (Inbound & Outbound)

Sip Trunking Our Sip-Trunking comes packed with features that you can use to compliment your current system. Our features are very easy to set up and manage.
These are some of the features:

Fail over Routing: You can program the calls to be routed to different call center if the first call center is down automatically. It can be a sip address or a phone number.

Real Time Routing: The routing can be changed in real-time to route the calls from one call center to another.

Simultaneous Routing: Calls can be programmed to ring to multiple call centers at the same time.

Call Recording: Calls can be recorded and the recorded files are encrypted and stored online. It can be accessed at any time online.

Memo On Call: A patented feature that is exclusive to this service, Memo on Call allows you to record notes after you finish with a call. These notes can be accessed at any time after the call. For example, if you are on the road and are not able to take notes down, you can record a memo after the call and then simply retrieve it when you get to your office, or whenever you need the information.

Web Based Administration: The on-line account manager gives you full control over any feature at any time. View all Call Details, change the routing, and view account transactions as well as many other features. All details are posted in real time, and all account changes are modified in real time as well.

Online Call Reports: You can review your usage and call statistic reports using your online web interface.

Informational Extensions: You can setup specific extensions that provide pre-recorded information to callers 24/7, such as directions to your location or hours of operation.

Greetings: You can program different greetings based on time and day as well as based on the area code or a particular number. You can use our system to give an option to callers from specific location to select a language and then forward those calls to a specific call center or an agent.

Call Blocking: You can choose to block a specific phone number or area code from calling your toll free/local number.

API access: You can integrate any part of our service including call detail records and call recording to any part of your site through API’s

Customized Solutions: If you need any customized features, just simply contact us and we will give you a free consulting and a price quoate.

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