Business Phone Service
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How It Works

If you buy the phone from us, you just connect the phone to the internet and go through a 5-step wizard to set up the service. It takes about 5 minutes. You can start making inbound and outbound calls within minutes.
Callture Make unlimited domestic outbound calls simply by picking up your phone and dialing.
With a customized greeting, simple call forwarding and soothing on hold music, our system keeps your business sounding professional while keeping your communications 100% reliable
The PBX may sound confusing at first, but if you break it up into a set of simple steps, you can begin to understand how the system works.
A caller dials your Nationwide Toll Free number or a local number. They are immediately greeted by the Auto-Attendant that plays a pre-recorded greeting. This greeting can either be a generic message that Callture has pre-recorded, or a personalized greeting that you can record. Callers are then instructed to dial a specific extension (Example - Press 251 for Sales). The caller dials the extension number and is immediately routed to the phone that is associated with this extension. You can then either accept the call, or have it go into your voicemail.
The caller will never hear a busy signal, and each call is logged for you to view in your on-line account manager.

How to use a PBX ?

Since our PBX is managed entirely on-line, you have full control over your system at all times. All you have to do is fill in the parameters (which tell the PBX where to forward each call) and you are done. It is an easy to understand process that is much better than the alternative (hardware), and comes with a variety of useful features.

How to manage your PBX?

Our PBX is quite possibly the easiest process you will ever need to understand. There are only 3 steps to follow, once your PBX is active.
  • Decide how many extensions you need, and have a corresponding phone for each extension
  • Plug in the phone to internet connection
  • Record a personalized Auto-Attendant greeting, if you wish.
  • Record personalized voicemails for each extension that requires it, again, if you wish.

Once these steps are completed, you can sit back and relax. Since there is no hardware to install and configure, you never have to deal with confusion, down-time, or pay a hefty bill for a technician to repair your PBX. It is simple to use, and easy to understand.

Your PBX have several features that are useful to your business and they are easy to set up as well. If you need our help, we are just a phone call away.