3 Line Business Phones

Whether your business is small or big, you need to understand that upgrading your business communication is a must, especially if you are doing a lot of business transactions in and out of the country. With many choices for you, either a 2-line or a 3-line VoIP phone system, it is just right that you improve your business communication as early as now.

The 3-line business phones are the modern multi-line communication systems that give reliable and efficient business connectivity to the team and clients. It is one of the most preferred line types as it has the best features, such as excellent voice quality, call recording, auto attendant, and real-time transfer of calls.

3-line Business Phones

What is a 3 Line Business Phone?

When it comes to modern multi-line phone systems, the 3-line phone gives you vast flexibility and call quality. Moreover, it can help you efficiently communicate with your clients and team members as it is more advanced than the single-line VoIP system. But before you purchase or decide to avail of this type of business phone, you need to identify the features for an excellent experience in business communication.

Why Choose 3 Line Business Phones for your Business?

Here is a list of reasons you should purchase a three line phone system for your business.

Phone line scalability

One of the most significant benefits, when you are going for a 3-line VoIP phone system, is its scalability. As it is designed to be easily scaled with groups of four, you can gradually grow your business to success. In addition, you can add or remove users, features, and locations if you want to. And you don’t need to be an expert to do it, as it comes in handy.


Having a phone system with three lines gives your business a boost when it comes to the communication aspect. The more your team expands, the bigger the chance you can add additional lines perfect for your business. Add extra handsets or install an expansion kit for better flexibility.

Business adaptability

Using multiple phone lines in your business is a good choice since this kind of communication adapts to whatever size of business you may be in. The multi-line phone solution conforms to whatever you need in your business, making it easier for you to manage your personal and professional calls the way you want.

Features of 3 Line Business Phones

Here are the features you can get when availing of this phone system.

Voice quality

One of the best features a three line phone plan should have is the HD voice quality feature. A business needs to communicate with its customers and team. An HD-quality phone will make your voice crystal clear and much better than regular phones.

Transfer call in real time

Besides voice quality, your business needs to transfer calls in real time. As you receive calls any time every day, you have to have a phone that can transfer calls to your team member if you are busy. Most 3-line business phones press the transfer button and their extension.

Additional features

As a multi-line phone system gives you a versatile communication system for your business, you also need to consider other fundamental features that separate the 3-line phone plan from the single line. Other than the mentioned features above, it would help if you looked into voicemail, call forwarding, analytics, integrations, caller ID, and such. These features allow you to place calls on hold easily and freely dial numbers.

3-line Business Phones


Indeed, a 3-line VoIP phone system is a good choice for your business. It helps you connect and receive calls from your clients and team simultaneously. With the many options you can choose from in the market, you don’t need to worry about scarcity. However, you need to keep in mind to purchase a phone system that is useful and reliable from a trustworthy provider like Callture. So grow your business with the 3 line business phone systems from Callture, which are designed to be affordable and easy to use. Get in touch today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A multi-line phone system should offer unlimited calls for small or big businesses. At Callture, our business plans have this feature. You can make and receive unlimited calls to and from any number in Canada. With that, you can be sure you are making your every call worth the money.

Yes, you can. Multiple lines in a single phone, like a 3-line business phone, lets you handle more calls simultaneously. In addition, since these lines can be used for internal and external communication, you can communicate with people inside and outside the business.

Switching to a multiple phone line is much cheaper than the traditional one. With the internet-based model with multiple phone lines, you can expect to pay less since you are just paying for the internet connection and nothing else.

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Note: The listed features may not be included in all packages and pricing options and are subject to availability.