2 Line Business Phones

Running a business requires you to communicate with your clients and team. That is why having a single-line business phone can restrict you from doing what you want. Whether small or mid-sized business, you need to scale up your communications technology. And Shifting to a multi-line phone such as the 2-line phone system is an excellent deal for your business.

Manage your business communication with the use of the two-line phone. It is efficient and easy to use during your business calls. So if you are a solopreneur looking for the best 2-line business phones, Callture offers the Grandstream ATA HT802 and CISCO ATA 191-3PW-K9 as an affordable and perfect business solution.

2-line Business Phones

Aside from letting your business receive and transfer calls at ease and with no hassle, it allows you and your team to be on the phone simultaneously. This feature has improved communication in and out of the office, and productivity has increased dramatically.

What is a 2 Line Business Phone?

Two line phones give you the ability to manage phone calls in your business at the same time. You can screen all the incoming calls, wherein you can handle two or more calls simultaneously. The good thing about these business phones is that internal and external numbers can use them. So if you are a solopreneur working from home and need separate lines for the business and home, the 2-line phone system is for you.

Why Choose 2 Line Business Phones for your Business?

Here is a list of reasons you should purchase a two line phone system for your business.

Affordable cost

There is no better benefit to a phone line other than the cost you will spend on your business communication. With this phone system, you don’t have to pay much as it costs less than you think. Although others would believe that 2-line business phones are expensive because they require an internet connection, the truth is it’s not. The two-line phone system is more affordable than the traditional phone lines.

Call management

The best thing about multi-line phones is that you can manage your calls effectively. In addition, you can receive and transfer calls hassle-free with its advanced features. These phones are also beneficial when it comes to conducting conference calls since there is no need for the employees or clients to travel to do the meeting face to face.

Increased productivity

Owning a multiple phone line boosts business productivity when it comes to the communication aspect. When you use a two-line phone system, you can expect that there will be no unanswered calls that come your way since the calls are placed directly to someone else available. There is also streamlined communication to the internal of your company.

Features of 2 Line Business Phones

Auto attendant

An automated answering service will help your business respond to your clients when directing calls to the right person or department. In addition, the 2-line VoIP phone system with an auto attendant feature would reduce the manual work your team needs to do as you don’t need to respond to every call your clients would ask or say.

Call Routing

Distribute your calls evenly through the call routing feature. It directs inbound calls to any person across the sales or customer service staff who fits your criteria. The requirements are based on the time, caller ID, and auto-attendant selection. Also, call routing allows you to place multiple calls on hold.

Additional features

Every multi-line phone system has its unique features. For the two-line phones, you can use features like call recording, unified messaging, conference calling, call screening, and more. But expect that a multi-line phone may differ in parts from the 2-line phone plan that you have availed from your preferred provider.

Best 2 Line Business Phones Available at Callture

At Callture, we have two available 2-line business phones proven to be of high quality. These are the cheapest business VoIP phones that allow unlimited domestic calling, do not require a contract, have over 15 features, can easily connect your phone, and have an A + BBB rating.

Grandstream ATA HT802 (USD)

The Grandstream ATA HT802 is a 2 port analog telephone adapter that gives your business a manageable IP telephony solution. It is designed to be ultra-compact, enabling users to use it casually in and out of the office. Most small businesses opt for this type as it produces excellent voice quality, advanced VoIP functionality, security protection, and auto provisioning options that let your team members use VoIP on analog phones. If you're into ultra-compact size, this two-line phone is for you.


If you want to turn traditional telephone or fax machines into IP phones and devices, the CISCO ATA 191-3PW-K9 is ideal for you. It is an excellent fit for daily use and perfect for users who have small offices, enterprise networks, and such. Also, this IP phone adapter is one of the best 2-line business phones in the market. It gives a clear, natural-sounding voice quality, voice activity detection, high-performance echo cancellation, and comfort noise generation that fits your business communication needs.


When choosing a multi-line telephone system, you should always consider the features of the 2-line phone system to make a good purchase out of your budget. And it would be best if you also noted that you choose a telephone system according to your business needs. If you cannot align these things to your business, you will be paying huge costs and charges later, significantly affecting your communication with your client and the team.

2-line Business Phones

Callture offers the latest 2-line business phones that are perfect for a small office or any business and are designed to be affordable & easy to use. Learn more about the features of online phone systems and fax.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Phone line depends on the small business and how it can rely on specific phone communication. But if you're aiming for a particular number of lines, you can choose which best suits your business, whether 2-line, 3-line, or 4-line.

There are several phone lines available for your business. Some of the most common predefined numbers of lines are as follows:

2-line phone system

The two-line phone system is the best solution if you are in a home office or have a small business. It can help you with calling volume control during peak hours.

3-line phone system

Vast flexibility and excellent call quality are the most significant advantages of a 3-line VoIP phone system. In addition, it can bring better connectivity to your team and clients as this is more advanced.

4-line phone system

The 4-line phone system improves the level of communication to your business. It suits a collaborative team working together in different places or locations. It can do several functions compared to the others.

You can have two phone lines if you want to. First, you need to select a plan that fits your needs. Also, two lines will help you with your daily call volume. So if you are a solopreneur or a small business owner, go for a two-phone line.

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