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What Are VOIP Phones?

A VOIP phone transmits voice over internet protocol instead of a public telephone network like regular phones. VoIP phone system is mainly used by businesses to communicate with their customers. You don't need a specific device to use VOIP phones. You just need software that allows you to make and receive calls.

Where Can I Buy VOIP Phones?

Contact various VoIP phone service providers. They will be able to recognize the best hardware for your business phone system. If you are looking for a VoIP phone in Canada, contact Callture Inc for the best VoIP services at affordable prices.

Callture's Business Phone Service?

Our VoIP services made for businesses are a great way to improve communication with your customers. We provide a VoIP phone number as well as VoIP phones. We're VoIP providers based in Mississauga, ON. We serve Canada as well as the USA. Our services are most beneficial for businesses. But, we also provide VoIP home phone service.

Do You Need Special Hardware For VoIP Phone number?

VoIP phones are not absolutely necessary to make and receive calls using VOIP phones. But, having hardware that is directly connected to your VoIP phone number can be beneficial.

VoIP phone price?

The total VoIP phone system cost includes the cost of hardware required for the system and the service cost charged by the telephone service provider for the operational VoIP phone number. Below you can see some of the costs of some of the hardware that may be required for a VoIP business phone system.

Yes, you can use a VOIP phone as a regular phone. The only difference is that VOIP phones have many more functionalities when compared to regular phones.
Yes, you can convert your landline phone to a VOIP phone. You have to call your telephone service provider and tell them to transfer your number to the new phone.
VoIP phones are mainly created for business purposes. But, that doesn't mean you can't use a VoIP phone in your home. It's just that normal phones provide enough features for most homes.

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