Business Phone Plans & Services in Quebec

If you want an affordable business phone service in Quebec, Callture's service is the perfect option for you. We understand each business in Quebec, from small businesses to large enterprises, has different needs. A corporate phone plan is one universal need, no matter the size of your business or your industry. But it's often difficult to find affordable corporate phone plans with the required features. That's where Callture comes in. With Callture, you will get affordable plans with very attractive features.

Business Phone Plans & Services in Quebec for all your needs

Callture understands Quebec business owners' needs in the best way. Therefore, no matter the tier of your plan, you will have access to all the exciting Callture features. You won't have to go with higher plans to get more features. The only difference between tiers is the number of users included in your plan.

The base service allows you to have one user. You can go with the higher plans if you are planning to have more users for your corporate phone. Therefore, the wide range of Callture's phone services for VoIP is an excellent choice for every business in Quebec.

Top Features in Phones for VoIP in Quebec

Let's have a quick look at the features you will get for corporate or business phones. These are the top features that Callture has to offer, among many others:

  • Complete coverage for all service areas.
  • All the plans include unlimited incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Call routing extensions.
  • Call forwarding features to ensure that you won't miss a single call.
  • A mobile app is provided for management, including wireless voicemail access.
  • There is no upfront cost.
  • Setting up the business phone is quick and easy.

Have a look at Calltures' features page to see a complete list of features and learn more about Callture's affordable and convenient business phone services.

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