Business Phone Plans & Services in Georgia

Looking for Reliable Business Phone Service in Georgia, United States? - Callture to the Rescue

If you have tried different business phone services or if you are looking for a reliable business phone service, you are in luck. Callture is a unique business phone service that caters to different industries. We incorporate new technology and introduce new features to stay on top of our game.

By providing business phone line deals that are suitable to all, Callture has captured a large market share in the industry.

What makes Callture different from the rest is the cost-effectiveness and multiple features being offered. The VOIP phones come with the latest features like:

  • Unlimited inbound and outbound calls
  • Switching calls between devices without hanging them up. You can program the call to ring twice on your landline and then transfer to your mobile.
  • You can choose between pre-configured phones or configure them yourself.
  • The option of sending/receiving faxes from the Callture mobile app.
  • Specify an extension for each department.
  • Many call features like 3-way calls, muting, caller name, speed dial and hold music are provided.
  • Vanity phone numbers are also provided. Now, you can spell your businesses name like 1-800-DAISY
  • Screen the calls. The name and number of the person flashes on the phone. So, you don’t need to take calls you are not interested in.
  • Need to work for longer periods? You can easily use our after-hours mode. The after-hours greeting can be customized. How cool is that?

Features Offered

There are some general features that the majority of the business phone plans by different VoIP phones in Canada provide. These include the usual:

  • Tracking call duration
  • Call forward option
  • Queue option
  • Conference calling
  • Transfer calls etc.

This is just the tip of the iceberg! You can contact us today at Callture to see which package suits your needs. The best business phone deals include packages from a single user to as many as you like. We are offering reliable and cost-effective business phone service in Georgia since 1997.

Have a Callture specialist contact you today!