Conference Calls for Businesses

Whether you plan on having conference calls with your team or stakeholders, you need to choose an online conference call service that is reliable and easy to use. There are many options on the market, and it can be challenging to decide which service provider to choose. If you are looking for the best results, you need to choose Callture. We are industry leaders for business phone services in Canada and the United States. Here’s everything you need to know about our service.

Callture is a leading provider of teleconferencing services in Canada & the United States. We offer high-quality audio/video conferencing solutions that allow all participants to feel like they are in the same room together. Our software is easy-to-use and allows users to connect with their contacts regardless of location or time zone with no difficulty whatsoever!

With Callture, you can save up to 95% on international calls compared to other providers by using our cloud telephony technology. This technology enables you to connect directly from your browser without needing any additional hardware or software installed on your computer!

Provide the Latest Features

One of the main reasons why Callture is considered the go-to option for conference calling is that we offer the latest features to ensure that your business benefits from complete flexibility. No matter your requirements, you can count on us to provide the service you are looking for.

Host Unlimited Virtual Meetings

The conference call plans that we provide come with unlimited meetings. Forget about dealing with any disturbances as we ensure that our clients are equipped with a service they can rely on. Host as many conference calls in Canada or the United States as you need for sales meetings and more with Callture. On top of this, we offer HD quality audio so that you can stay on top of your game and ensure smooth communication.

Easy Conference Call Setup

Callture offers an easy conference call setup. Our service is perfect for meetings with up to 10 people. We can have the system up and running in no time so that you can start hosting or taking conference calls.

The ability to record your calls

Callture’s services even allow you to record your calls, so you don’t miss out on any critical information. You can also use this feature to monitor your team’s performance during the call or if they need some improvement. Call recordings are especially useful for viewing meetings you couldn’t attend or as a reminder of what was discussed in a past meeting.

Conference call scheduling tool

Our scheduling tool makes it easy for you to schedule meetings with your team members and stakeholders. You can also add participants using their emails or phone numbers, so they don’t have to join the meeting via our website or app manually. This easy process will save time and ensure everyone gets their notifications about upcoming meetings, which will help to avoid scheduling errors and absenteeism.


Choose Callture

If you are looking for the ultimate conference calling service, Callture is the only name you should have in mind. We provide affordable plans and will have your conference calling system up and running in no time. All you have to do is contact us.

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