Call Forwarding Feature for Businesses

Are you looking to reduce customer wait time? Then you need a call forwarding service that ensures calls are transferred to an available agent immediately. The less time callers spend waiting to speak with a representative, the lower the call abandonment rate. Callture can provide you with the best business phone with call forwarding for your company. Here’s everything you need to know.

Business phone with call forwarding

A business phone with call forwarding gives you the power to redirect your calls to a different location. If you’re away from the office, you can have all your calls transferred to another number of your choice. Callture’s services are a great way to reduce customer wait time and improve call abandonment rates.

Reduce customer wait time

The less time callers spend waiting, the better your chances of retaining them as customers. For example, if someone calls into your business and hears an automated message stating that no one is available to take their call, they may hang up immediately. This situation could lead to poor customer satisfaction ratings and even lower sales numbers. However, this scenario becomes less likely if you have a business phone with call forwarding in place. The caller will be able to leave a message for you with a real person instead of hanging up abruptly and going elsewhere for their needs. Since most people don’t like getting voicemail messages when calling into a business, it’s crucial to ensure that customers don’t have to deal with this situation when they call in. Call forwarding services through Callture prevents call abandonment.

Have a Dedicated Phone System Setup

At Callture, we make sure that you never have to miss a call from a customer ever again. You can have the phone system follow you everywhere you go and have a dedicated person answer the call automatically. Once we set up our dedicated phone system, you can respond to every client by having calls forwarded from your business phone system to your VoIP, landline, or mobile.

The Ultimate System

You will benefit from the ultimate system with our business call forwarding service. Calls can be forwarded to all your phone numbers sequentially or simultaneously so that you never miss a call again. The calls will ring on your smartphone for about two rings before being transferred to your landline for three rings. If all of your numbers receive the call simultaneously, you can answer it from any phone. If you miss a call, it will be sent to our voicemail system and emailed to you.

Multitude of Features

When you choose our call forwarding service for small (or any sized) businesses, you will also benefit from many features like 3-way calling, off-hook call placements, speed dial, call mute, and more.


Choose Callture

For the best business phone with call forwarding service, you need to reach out to Callture. We would be more than delighted to have the perfect call forwarding system up and running just for you.

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