Callture Office Phone is loaded with fantastic features including the latest innovations.

Cloud Based Enterprise Phone System

Get all the features of a fully loaded enterprise hardware PBX as well as cutting edge unified communication tool without the upfront cost or the hassle of installing it. We have all the features that you need now and in the future.

Never Miss a Call

Forward calls from your Callture business phone system, to any phone including your mobile, landline and/or Voip. You can forward the call to all of your phone numbers at the same time or one after the other. Calls can be programmed to ring to your mobile phone for two rings and then to ring your home for 3 rings and so on. It can also be programmed to ring all the numbers at the same time. You can answer the call using any of your phones. If you miss a call then it is sent to a professional voice mail system and the voice mails are emailed to you. This way you don’t miss a single call.
If your receptionist missed a call and didn’t call back within 15 min, you will get a text.

Professional Image

Create a professional image with a professional phone system that greets callers with a customized greeting, gives them options such as "Press 1 for sales or 2 for customer service," and routes them to you by forwarding the call to one phone or all of your phones. It informs you through your Caller ID that it is a business call so you can answer the call professionally. If you don’t answer the call, it greets the caller with a professional voice mail and emails you the voice mails so you can call them back. You can also use our app to call from your mobile phone with your business caller id. You can literally take your office with you wherever you go.

Internet Fax

You will be given a separate number for fax. Your clients can send fax to this number the same way they do to any fax number. However, when a fax is received by our system, it will be converted to a PDF and emailed to you. You can send (and have access to) faxes from your mobile phone or computer to any number from anywhere. No extra charges for a separate fax line, fax machine and toners.

Unified Communication

Callture Unified Communication includes video conferencing, chat, text and presence. Our UC is developed on the latest WebRtc technology, so your users don’t need to download any software or create any users. They just click a button to do videoconference with you. You can effortlessly share your screen to do sales or product demos.

Conference Calling

Set up a conference call with up to 10 people at any time. You can use this to train your clients or conduct a sales meeting.

Memo On Call

A feature that is exclusive to this system, Memo on Call allows you to record notes after you finish with a call. These notes can be accessed at any time after the call. For example, if you are on the road and are not able to take notes down, you can record a memo after the call and then simply retrieve it when you get to your office, or whenever you need the information.

Call Queue

You have the option of setting up a queue on any extension. If you receive multiple calls, all of them will be put on a queue and routed to your phone on a first come first serve basis.

Voice Quality in HD

Some of our phones support HD quality. This makes the voice crystal clear, a lot better than regular phones.

Select from a Range of Voip Phones and Devices

Our phones are pre-configured. So when you receive them, you can just plug them to the Internet and they start working. We have several phones from different providers to choose from. You can buy your own phone as well.

Extensions *

You can setup a specific extension for each department or each employee. Each extension can have a specific message and voice mail delivery settings.

Return Your Calls with the Press of a Button

Simply press *69 to call back the last caller.

Transfer Calls

You can transfer a call to your colleague by just pressing the transfer button and their extension. You can even transfer the call to their cell phone or any phone number.

Features on Our Phones

3 Way Calling Call Transfer Hold Music
Caller Name Speed Dial Speakerphone
Off Hook Call Placements Call Mute Distinctive Rings

Toll Free Number

A toll free number offers a big company image to clients and other callers who want to contact you free of charge from Wherever they are located. We offer a variety of toll free number types, from 800, 844, 855, 866, 877 and 888 prefixes to vanity numbers. A vanity number is a phone number that spells a name such as 1800FLOWER or 1855COMPANY.

Local Number

A local number can provide a local presence in any target city. Many clients use local numbers in geographical targeted advertising. We provide numbers for all major cities, which can be forwarded to any number.

Call Forwarding

You never have to miss a call using this feature. You can have your phone system follow you Wherever you go around the world.

Call Blast/ Call hunt

This feature allows you to call up to 5 different phone numbers simultaneously or sequentially and you can answer in anyone of them. You can set up the phone to ring to your mobile phone, work phone and home phone. So you don’t have to worry about missing a call.

Call Routing Extension

This feature allows you to distribute calls evenly across your sales staff or customer service staff. It also allows for multiple calls to be placed on hold.

Call Screening and Announce

This feature allows you to decide what you want to do with a call. You can answer a call, put it on hold, or send it to voice mail. You are also able to hear the caller's phone number or name before you answer.

Listen To Voice Mails Wirelessly

With our wireless play feature you can listen to any message using your iPhone, Blackberry, or other PDA.

Web Based Administration

The on-line account manager gives you full control over any PBX feature at any time. View all Call Details, change the routing, listen to voice mails and view account transactions as well as many other features. All details are posted in real time, and all account changes are modified in real time as well.

Informational Extensions

You can setup specific extensions that provide pre-recorded information to callers 24/7, such as directions to your location or hours of operation.

Online Call Reports

You can review your usage and call statistic reports using your online web interface.

After-Hours Mode

This feature allows you to setup your phone system specifically for the time of day it is. For example, after hours you can set the system up to provide a different greeting.

Voice mail Delivery

This message delivery service sends voice mails in MP3 format directly to any e-mail address(es) that you choose.

Call Recording

Need to remember what is said in a call? Our call recording feature can come in very handy when you need to remember key points from a phone call.

Click To Call

Our Call Me Button service allows people visiting your website to submit their phone number to your website and instantly be connected to a company representative. The system instantly connects both you and the website user.

Voice Studio

Using the voice studio you can choose a voice talent and greet your customers in a professional way.

Dial-By-Name Directory

This feature allows a caller to access your company directory and find a person they are looking for by dialing the first few letters of an employee name.


Allow callers to listen to music while they wait on hold. This is a feature that most big companies have.

True 800 Number

This is the original and most known extension for toll free numbers.

Toll-FREE Vanity Number

Vanity numbers help your clients remember you. You can choose a number for branding purposes, or simply for its significance (e.g. 1-800-4-BUY-NOW).

Transfer Existing Toll-FREE Number

We accept all transfer numbers free of charge.

Additional Toll-FREE Numbers

Available upon request.

Additional Local Numbers

Available upon request.

Call Blocking

You can choose to block a specific phone number or area code from calling your toll free/local number.