Business Phone Systems for Enterprise

Your business needs a phone system designed with your needs in mind. Regular phone systems don’t have the functions you need to succeed. Choosing a full-fledged business phone system with features designed for business is essential when choosing a communications provider for a business phone system experience like no other.

Phone systems for enterprise is a unified communication tool that helps every business owner have a seamless call with their clients and team. At Callture, we believe this phone system is the best communication platform. It has integration with CRM solutions, 99.999% uptime service level agreement, flexible routing calls, and a cloud-based enterprise system. It also has significant benefits that every entrepreneur will enjoy.

Business Phone Systems for Enterprise

At Callture, we create a dedicated global network so every business can have high-quality communication in their industry. Our phone system is straightforward to set up, making switching to Callture a smooth process. Callture offers the best enterprise phone systems for your business, with flexible pricing & packages that build on your needs. Get in touch today!

Best Features of Callture’s Enterprise Phone System

When it comes to enterprise phone plans, Callture provides the best features that enable you to do your everyday transactions effectively through smooth communication with your clients and team. Here are some of the best features that Callture offers:

Integration with CRM solutions

Callture increases your enterprise’s productivity with CRM solutions to help you grow your business. In addition, Callture features can help you earn more satisfied customers at the lowest price guaranteed. With our seamless SAS and phone system integration, such as ZohoCRM, Salesforce, and GoldMine, you can boost your customer experience satisfaction in just a snap.

99.999% Uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA)

As an enterprise phone system service, we aim to establish a clear commitment with our customers. And, of course, our customers want a guarantee that we can uphold the standards promised during our agreement. At Callture, we are proud to say that we are a reliable and business-friendly company, giving your enterprise a 99.999% uptime guarantee.

Flexible routing calls

Call routing determines the distribution of incoming calls and forms automatic queues. Callture’s routing extension makes distributing calls across your customer service staff easier. This advanced feature enables you to place multiple calls on hold whenever you like. Our customizable features help you worry less about calls and focus more on growing your business.

Cloud-based enterprise phone system

Callture was a bootstrapped startup that has evolved into an A+-rated multinational enterprise. We want to help other enterprises experience similar success. To do that, we created this phone system so you can utilize all the features of a fully loaded enterprise hardware PBX system. With Callture, you are getting a cutting-edge, unified communication tool. In addition, there are no upfront costs, and our system is feature-rich and future-proof.

The Benefits of Using Enterprise Phone System

You can enjoy several benefits when using a phone system for your enterprise. Aside from the fact that it is the newest way to communicate with your clients and team, it provides seamless communication as it is more advanced and easier to use.


One of the known benefits of using a phone system is its cost-effectiveness. The enterprise phone system has everything you need for business communications, so you don’t need to invest in a separate communication device. Plus, with the right phone plan, you can access the exciting enterprise phone system features at an affordable price.


Most phone system providers ensure you get the latest updates for your communication plan. Therefore, you know you will have a seamless telecom transaction using an up-to-date product– saving you time you can use to grow your business.

All in one platform

Enterprise phone systems simplify your communication. The device has various features, such as dynamic call routing, call forwarding, call screening, and many others. In other words, it is a cutting-edge, all-in-one unified communication tool packed with outstanding features for your enterprise communication.

hoose the most cost-effective enterprise phone system that has the best phone solutions. With Callture’s unlimited inbound and outbound calls anywhere in Canada, HD call quality, and seamless switching, you can be sure that your business will rise above the competition. Try Callture’s 30-day risk-free trial to experience our excellent business phone system.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The enterprise phone system is a multiline telephone system that helps entrepreneurs communicate seamlessly. This unified communication platform offers many features that provide significant benefits to enterprises.

Using an enterprise phone system gives several advantages to entrepreneurs. Unlike traditional communication platforms, this phone system is very effective and efficient in delivering outstanding communication in and out of the country. In addition, when you use this system, you can enjoy advanced features such as video conferencing, call forwarding, call routing, etc.

SAS stands for Spectrum Access System, a cloud-based service in charge of managing the wireless communications of every device. It is also called integrated software for advanced and predictive analytics, data management, and business intelligence.

Both PBX and VoIP have excellent features to offer. PBX is a reliable private telephone network that allows users to communicate with each other. On the other hand, VoIP is a flexible phone system that enables you to make voice calls. So if you weigh both the features and the overall performance, VoIP is much better than PBX.

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Note: The listed features may not be included in all packages and pricing options and are subject to availability.