The complete guide to Canadian VoIP-Reselling MSPs.

Top 5 technology trends in 2020 and how Canadian VoIP reselling MSPS can take advantage.

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VoIP technology has been steadily growing as a mainstream telecommunication method for the past 20 years. More recently, there has been a spike in the successful adoption of VoIP technology by businesses across the globe.

Canadian businesses, however, are slow in its adoption and we are just beginning to see a company-wide acceptance of VoIP and a steady replacement of on-premise PBX with cloud-based or hosted unified communications solutions. For Canadian MSPs and Telecom Resellers, this translates into a new growth opportunity.

Throughout this whitepaper, Callture intends to walk you through some essential VoIP trends that all MSPs must know and use as they create their 2020 business plans.