Case Studies
Horizon Mobile
Horizon Mobile
Miami, FL, USA

Horizon Networks LLC partnered with Callture to develop and launch Horizon Mobile (, a national wireless service using AT&T’s 4G network. Callture implemented a powerful master provisioning system that allowed Horizon to manage its products and wireless plans.

The requirement was create a wireless service that can be integrated with current retail prepaid portals as part of a suite. Also, the activation process had to extremely simple and easy to use, with no agent training required.

Callture implemented the ecommerce site with user-friendly shopping experience, secure payment and fraud protection system. This site can be managed dynamically from the client’s master portal. The client can manage content, add/remove plans, change templates, sections, images and banners.

From the master portal, Horizon is able to add and edit wireless plans, change pricing and attach international long distance rate decks.

The existing retailers selling other Horizon prepaid telecom products can now activate and recharge Horizon Wireless using one portal. The new wireless service is now included with all sales reports and account statements. By designing a quick and seamless integration, Callture removed all most overheads and barriers associated with launching a new product to an existing distribution network.
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