Callture Case Study

World Brands: A Callture Client For Over Two Decades.

Steve Moradian built his business on easy to remember toll free numbers and matching web domains. He also has vanity numbers with different area codes, which is a very cost effective way for companies to establish a local presence in multiple markets, without the expense of establishing physical offices in each city. He believes that with the current CAN SPAM law, which outlaws companies emailing Canadian consumers without their express consent, a growing number of consumers will call phone numbers, and visit websites, they can easily remember. A marketing tactic which has proven extremely profitable for many very large companies including 1-800-FLOWERS.

In fact, Moradian has over 100 vanity numbers. Callture manages all of them, and he has registered most of them with Callture. “I used to use one of the major Canadian carriers, but their rates were high, service bad and their fees for a simple service like parking a number were ridiculous.” He adds, “I am a Canadian entrepreneur, so I enjoy supporting like minded companies, as long as they deliver value to my business.” He believes Callture delivers a lot of value, and has for many years. “I was one of Callture’s first customers. I chose them in 1998 because of their superior prices and excellent service. I have stayed with them for over 20 years because their prices are still the best and their service is some of the best I have received from any company.”

Moradian has developed a personal relationship with the Callture support team. “I rarely have problems, but when I do they are fixed right away. The two people I deal with at Callture are extremely knowledgeable, always happy and always proactive. Some of the best support I have received from any company.”

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