Callture Case Study

Sasitharan Law: More features, Better Service Best Price.

Sasitharan Law Professional Corporation is a four person law office led by Vivekananthan and Rajabalini Sasitharan. As a small business, managing costs is extremely important, but even more important is communicating with clients who need help with real estate, immigration, family law, business and estate planning.

Callture was recommended to Vivekananthan, who noticed right away that Callture had the best prices, but what impressed him the most was the level of service. “My area of expertise is the law. I don’t mind occasionally ‘doing things myself to save money’ but with Callture I don’t need to. I can focus on what I do best.”

Callture is a cloud based VoIP service for businesses with one to 100 employees. When the law firm switched providers, Callture handled all set up of the new phone system, including the ability to transfer calls to employees’ mobile phones as well as the digital reception and archiving of faxes, which is still a very important form of communication in the legal field. Callture also customized the fax stamp settings to meet Vivekananthan’s requirements.

The law firm rarely has problems with their services, but wherever they have issues they always deal with the same customer service rep who is, “very helpful and very fast. She always responds within an hour or two.”

One thing that Vivekananthan appreciates is that even though many people have stopped using faxes, Callture is able to provide the services that matter most to his business. “Digital reception and archiving of faxes is a huge improvement over the old fashioned fax machine, but occasionally our internet goes down. Callture backs up our faxes for us. Soon as we are back online, I let my Callture rep know and they sent them right over.”

“Usually you get what you pay for, but with Callture I get the best service and the best price.”

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Note: The listed features may not be included in all packages and pricing options and are subject to availability.