Callture Case Study

DCM Metal: Full Service VoIP.

DCM Metal is a manufacturer of light weight steel framing products in building construction. All their products meet or exceed industry standards. Their customers are builders, and any delays on a construction site are very expensive. Therefore, customers want their questions answered promptly, and their problems addressed immediately.

Dave Karaaslan is President. He chose Callture primarily based on their prices, but was impressed with their services. DCM Metal had a variety of old telephone equipment designed for use in an old fashioned office, and they wanted to transition to a modern VoIP telephony system where employees could answer on the device that was cost effective and convenient for them.

Callture is a cloud based VoIP service. They have extensive experience with businesses who have one to 100 employees. Their experience includes everything from establishing a professional presence when the owner is the only employee, to obtaining the best rates for companies who make a lot of international calls, to helping companies establish a virtual presence in different cities, to custom vanity numbers that attract new customers, to the most effective solutions for hybrid offices where employees work both from the office and at home.

Karaaslan was impressed with Callture’s services. “They listened and came up with a very cost effective solution that meets our needs. Everything is working the way it is supposed to, so we can serve our customers.”

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