Callture vs Telus Business Phone Services

Telus and Callture are two big names in the business phone service field. Telus is a reliable business phone company with widespread mobile coverage. Callture is considered among the top business phone service providers with innovative UC tools and dependable services that cost less and deliver more. When comparing Telus and Callture, you may be confused about which company to choose. That is why we have listed an in-depth comparison between the two so you can determine which service will best suit your needs.
Features Callture Telus
Plan Pricing Affordable price More expensive
Coverage Super-fast speed business internet Stable network with mobile data technology
Customer Service Extremely fast customer service wait times Longer wait time for customer service
Call quality Excellent tracking and automatic call recording A significant drop in reception quality
Reviews Excellent service, little time to get used to the interface Great plans, bad customer service

Plans Pricing

It is essential to choose a service that suits your needs. You need a service that allows you to communicate consistently with customers and partners while fitting into your budget. Many services have different prices, so be sure to check the features offered in the plan to understand what kind of service you will be receiving.

Fortunately, Callture and Telus are fully equipped with the most recent features in business phone technology. No matter which provider you choose, Telus and Callture will both give you the flexibility and features to keep ahead of your competition.

Callture has an affordable price. However, Telus is slightly more expensive regarding PBX features, especially HD voice and picture quality. Because of the extra charges on some features, Telus plans may not be the cheapest.


Business phone providers are essential in providing connectivity for all personal and professional demands. Regarding coverage, Telus and Callture offer unlimited calls to and from any number in Canada and the US. Although these companies have the same range, Telus has a more stable network with mobile data technology for Canadians. In contrast, Callture has super-fast speed in business internet that requires no contract and can be activated instantly.

Customer Service

When your customers need support, the waiting time should not be longer than an hour or so. Customers will feel unhappy with your service if a business phone system cannot be answered immediately.

Many Callture customers have recognized its fast customer service. Customers have a pleasant experience working with the support team from Callture as they mainly use Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) which gives a stable and clear connection. Unfortunately, Telus is known to have longer waiting times to answer customer service requests. As Telus is a more prominent company, it is more difficult for them to respond to customers quickly.

Call quality

The effectiveness and efficiency of calls between customers and customer care agents are gauged by call quality. That is why call quality is essential in a business phone service, as it increases the chance a customer will want to remain with your services.

According to one of Telus’ customers, Telus reception quality has recently dropped to the point that incoming calls are often not received. When the call is connected, the conversation is too choppy to maintain. Compared to Telus, the call quality of Callture has excellent tracking and automatic call recording that is great for quality assurance and monitoring. With this, businesses are connected to their clients with outstanding quality.


Callture and Telus provide excellent business phone system services to their customers and clients. Both companies have several outstanding positive online comments and reviews. Most of Telus’ positive reviews are about their excellent plans, while Callture customers appreciate the exceptional service Callture provides to all business sizes.

Regarding negative reviews, some Callture customers take a little time to get used to the interface, but everything works fine once they master the set-up. Telus’ biggest customer complaint is about customer service. Some customers feel that with the higher-cost plans that Telus offers, they should receive better customer service and lower wait times.


Callture and Telus are the best business phone service providers you can choose from as a Canadian customer. No matter which provider you choose, make sure you can significantly benefit from the company’s services and that the plan meets the standard you have set for your business. Of course, choosing the right provider with excellent service matters, so choose wisely.

We may be a little partial, but if you want your business to prosper like the top businesses in the country, Callture can help you with affordable prices, excellent service, and no upfront cost.

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Note: The listed features may not be included in all packages and pricing options and are subject to availability.