Callture vs Rogers Business Phone Services

Choosing the best business phone system service for your business is challenging. First, you need to examine the company’s features, from plans and pricing to its quality of service. Among the many business phone system providers in Canada, Callture and Rogers are the leading business phone providers to Canadians. Take a look at this complete comparison of the two companies to help you choose the best provider for your needs.


Callture is among the top business phone service providers in Canada. It helps business and residential customers communicate with their clients with ease.


Rogers is a communications and media company in Canada that offers various Internet, home monitoring and home phone options for any business.

Callture vs Rogers: Plans

When looking at a business phone service provider, you must consider their plans and the overall cost of their services.

Many Rogers phone plans require a contract. Customers who want to cancel their contract will most likely pay an early cancellation fee. Rogers’ cancellation fee is $10 for every month left in the term, up to a maximum of $200 in year one and $100 in year two. Callture, on the other hand, provides all services on a month-to-month basis with no contracts. Customers can rely on Callture for guaranteed reliability plans.

Callture vs Rogers: Network Coverage

Reliable service with extensive network coverage is essential for businesses when communicating with customers. Good communication between companies and their clients reflects the quality of their business phone service provider.

Callture and Rogers are excellent in covering a wide area of network service in Canada. However, Rogers is awarded the best overall coverage, reaching 97% of Canadian users from urban and rural areas. Callture has an unstoppable super-fast speed in business internet coverage in different parts of Canada.

Callture vs Rogers: Price Rate

There is no doubt that the price rate attracts customers at first glance. Business phone customers will most likely opt for affordable prices that guarantee increased productivity for their business.

Callture is known for its motto, “we cost less and deliver more.” Callture’s pricing is undeniably straightforward and transparent, with no hidden extras such as installation, maintenance, or usage charges. On the contrary, Rogers’ customers complain about price rate increases. They have noticed that pricing continues to go up with substantial rate increases.

Callture vs Rogers: Customer Service

When it comes to customer service, Callture never disappoints. The company is passionate about customer service, making it a top priority. Unfortunately, Rogers’ customer service often has long wait times and often receives feedback on poor services. Some customers report calls being dropped and the need to speak to multiple levels of customer service representatives. Many customers have switched to other providers and never looked back.

Callture vs Rogers: Service Accessibility

Accessible services are essential to many business phone customers. Callture provides unlimited inbound and outbound calls anywhere in Canada, so everyone can easily communicate with their clients and partners. Unfortunately, Rogers’ services are not as accessible in more remote locations.

Callture vs Rogers: Customer Reviews

Whether good or bad, customer reviews are essential for potential customers looking to choose a business phone service provider. Online reviewers appreciate Rogers’ ability to bundle services, but many reviews state dissatisfaction with Rogers’ unreliable network connection that disconnects frequently. In comparison, Callture has been praised for having a reliable 1-800 number for customers and its ability to keep track of calls and voicemails. Some reviewers report issues with calls going straight to voicemail. Nevertheless, Callture and Rogers are doing their best to focus on the feedback and take action as soon as possible.


Callture and Rogers are equally trusted companies by Canadians. These business phone system providers provide exemplary services to their customers. Whether you choose a company with future-proof and industry-specific features or unlimited data plans and affordable devices is only a matter of choice. Both providers have different and specialized services for customers.

Yes, we are a little biased, but we are just laying the facts on the table. We want your business to prosper. You should choose a business phone system provider that attends to your needs and has no hidden costs and extra charges.

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