Callture vs RingCentral Business Phone Services

Finding a business phone provider that meets all your communication needs is integral to the success of your business. Although there are many providers, you should know what separates a great business communications system provider from all the others. Callture and RingCentral are both popular for delivering cost-effective communication tools and services. Check out the comparisons below to help you choose between two of the best business phone providers.
Features Callture RingCentral
Price of Plans Business plans have a flat rate charged per user Feature-rich plans that are a little pricey
Free Trial 30-day free trial available 15-day free trial available
Analytics User-friendly online portal with automated order processing Advanced analytics for an additional charge
Call Quality Reliable and HD call quality Inconsistent call quality
Prominent Clients OHL Construction, BizPhoto, WorldBand Media BMW, Deep South, Smart Warehousing
Tech and Customer Support Quick to resolve network issues The response is sometimes non-existent

Price of Plans

RingCentral: Feature-rich plans that are a little pricey
Callture: Business plans have a flat rate, charged per user.

Knowing which provider offers the best plan for your budget is a great starting point. Comparing different programs and prices from various providers will help you be confident that you are paying for the right service.

Callture and RingCentral's prices reflect the quality services they offer. RingCentral has four plans: Essentials, Standard, Premium, and Ultimate, with prices ranging from $19.99 to $49.99. On the contrary, Callture charges a flat rate of $26.50 per user for all four plans.

Free Trial

RingCentral: 15-day free trial available.
Callture: 30-day free trial available.

Trials allow the customer to get a feel for the business phone service before deciding whether to sign up. It is a huge bonus to have the chance to test out a product for a couple of weeks before purchasing. Although some companies don't offer these trials, Callture and RingCentral have free trials to allow customers to decide whether they want to sign up for services.

RingCentral provides a 15-day free trial to new subscribers only. The test is limited to a maximum of five users and two desktop phones and includes 50 minutes of domestic calls per user. In comparison, Callture has a more extended 30-day free trial with a maximum call time of 60 minutes without any risk. If unsatisfied, you can cancel the trial without extra charges.


RingCentral: Advanced analytics for an additional charge.
Callture: All Callture services include a user-friendly online portal with automated order processing

When it comes to analytics, business phone providers strive to provide actionable insights and data for businesses to understand their customers' experiences better.

Callture and RingCentral both provide advanced analytics. Customers can gain real-time insights, review usage, and call statistics reports. Although both providers have excellent analytics capabilities, they differ in some ways. RingCentral offers analytics and reporting tools that help businesses grow, but their Live Reports are only available for an additional fee. All of Callture's analytics features are included in all services. With the user-friendly online web interface, customers will be able to make business decisions with ease.

Callture vs RingCentral Business Phone Services

Call Quality

RingCentral: Inconsistent call quality.
Callture: Reliable and HD call quality.

Call quality is essential when it comes to customer experience. It would be best if you had a stable and quality network to make communicating with your team and clients a breeze.

Callture has several phones that are HD enabled, which means that your voice quality is crystal clear and very reliable. On the other hand, RingCentral has been reported by some customers to have choppy, delayed, and garbled audio. With this, customers have switched to other providers to seek good call quality for their business.

Prominent Clients

RingCentral: BMW, Deep South, Smart Warehousing.
Callture: OHL Construction, BizPhoto, WorldBand Media.

Clients are what keep your business continuously growing and performing. You are most likely to be successful when you earn prominent clients that rely on and trust your service. Companies must practice personal service and excellent customer support to achieve these clients' trust.

There is no doubt that Callture and RingCentral have many prominent clients. Both business phone providers are excellent in keeping customers' trust in the long run. For RingCentral, huge companies such as BMW, Deep South, and Smart Warehousing are using its services. Callture has clients such as OHL Construction, BizPhoto, and WorldBand Media. These companies have continuously trusted each provider's quality of service to this day.

Tech and Customer Support

RingCentral: Response is sometimes non-existent.
Callture: Quick to resolve network issues.

Business phone service customers often have many questions about how to use their phone system. Tech and customer support are much needed to better assist customers with any issues they may encounter. A provider's service is truly tested in the tech and customer service department.

Unfortunately, some RingCentral customers have complained about the support they have received from the provider. They have asked for better customer support, as RingCentral lacks in this department. On the contrary, Callture has received significant praise for its customer support practices. Callture's free tech support is a huge draw for customers seeking a top communications system provider.


Callture and RingCentral are excellent business phone service providers. Both companies offer their customers the best services out of several market competitors. Now that you know more about the features of each company, it's time for you to choose a provider that can help boost your business. Select the best so you won't regret paying the worst.

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