Callture vs Ooma Business Phone Services

There is no denying that Callture and Ooma are among the leading providers of communications services such as VoIP for Canadians. Both business phone service companies are dedicated to providing the best communication platforms for your work with partners and clients. They are undeniably the best pick for flexibility and quality for your business. The question now is, which is better?

A comparison table and detailed explanation are provided below to help you decide which provider best fits your business’s needs.

Features Ooma Callture
Price Three service plans, from $24.95 to $34.95 Four pricing options, from $26 to $26
Integrations Integrates with systems like Google G suite, Office 365, or MS dynamics Integrates with systems like Zoho CRM, Salesforce, Gold Mine, and all Microsoft Office and Microsoft 354 Apps
Interactive Voice Response Standard auto-attendant Multilingual IVR distributes calls evenly across your sales/customer service staff
Analytics Offers basic reporting Actionable calling data updated in real-time
Upfront Cost The upfront hardware cost of the Ooma Telo, which retails at $99.99 No upfront cost


he prices of plans offered by top business phone providers are important in any business’s choice. The plan’s cost should equate to the features provided so that customers can say they’ve paid the right price for the service.

Both Callture and Ooma differ in business phone plan pricing. However, since Ooma has three service plans, it has different prices and features. For example, the Essentials plan has limited features that cost only $24.95. The Pro and Pro Plus plans’ fees are $29.95 and $34.95. In contrast, Callture has one plan that includes all features and charges by user at $26. Callture shows a flexible and transparent pricing structure with no extra installation and maintenance charges.


Using system integration for business undeniably improves the quality and productivity of a business operation. Integration ensures that the data are consistent and work harmoniously to impact business growth positively.

Both Callture and Ooma have excellent Statistical Analysis Systems that boost customer experience. Callture supports Zoho CRM, Salesforce, GoldMine, and all Microsoft Office and Microsoft 354 Apps for powerful integration. Integration with these programs ensures satisfaction and professionalism on every customer call. On the other side, Ooma integrates with systems like Google G suite, Office 365, or MS dynamics to help businesses improve their telephone and VoIP processes.

Interactive Voice Response

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is defined as an automated phone system technology that helps assist incoming callers in accessing information through the use of voice response systems. This feature allows callers to find an answer to their questions without speaking to an agent.

Callture and Ooma have the same excellent IVR features but differ in functionality. Ooma has a virtual receptionist for direct incoming calls for quick configuration. However, Callture has a multilingual IVR that distributes the calls evenly across your sales/customer service staff. This feature will automatically choose the proper language of the caller based on the source. The multilingual IVR feature will help provide services on a global platform for various languages.


Reporting and analytics systems are essential for any business. Analytics increases productivity, efficiency, and good communication throughout the organization. With good analytics from a business phone service, data from communications will be easy to manage.

Ooma’s analytics functions are pretty basic. It offers simple reporting for business call analytics. Callture, on the other hand, provides companies with actionable calling data that is updated in real-time. As a result, companies gain valuable insight and information whenever a representative speaks with potential or existing customers. With the help of a VoIP CRM integration, every interaction is recorded and updated automatically in real time.

Upfront Cost

Upfront costs can be a negative factor for business phone system customers. A business phone service with an upfront cost will most likely not be popular among businesses as they are looking for a provider that will give them substantial cost savings.

As mentioned in the chart, Callture has no upfront costs. It comes with all enterprise features and more at a 40% discount with hassle-free installation. Comparatively, Ooma has an upfront hardware cost for the Ooma Telo, which retails at $99.99. This initial cost will be separate from the per-user phone fee. Customers should factor Ooma’s upfront costs into their decisions, as they may be paying more than they planned when factoring in upfront costs.


Callture and Ooma offer great plans with several integration options and features. Both providers can significantly help businesses from different industries, but it is crucial to keep the above information in mind when choosing a business phone provider. Take time to compare your options before you decide for yourself.

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Note: The listed features may not be included in all packages and pricing options and are subject to availability.