Callture vs Bell Business Phone Services

Callture and Bell have been serving the Canadian people for years, making both companies well known in the country. Although several providers have emerged in this industry, these two companies have consistently remained the top competitors. Check out the critical differences between Callture and Bell below to understand which provider can best help your business to do more and grow more.

Callture vs Bell: Monthly Fee

When looking for the best business phone provider, you must understand the advertised monthly fee. You want to know whether the price is worth the service and whether the benefits you receive from the company will impact your business’s success.

Unfortunately, Bell customers are having a lot of problems with network connectivity. Most of the time, customers are unable to connect to the Bell network. Service outages greatly affect Bell customers, causing a significant impact on some businesses. Callture, on the other hand, has an excellent service network, according to customer feedback. Callture is also among Canada’s top business phone service providers to offer innovative UC tools for businesses.

Callture vs Bell: Video Conferencing

Video conferencing allows businesses to hold real-time meetings with their customers. That is why companies need to choose a plan from a phone provider that has the best video conferencing features possible.

Callture’s very own video conferencing platform is easy for a two-employee team while being powerful and affordable enough to cater to up to 100 employees, making it accessible for many companies. It has complete features such as video, phone, screen share, and chat that make every video conference successful. Callture’s platform is unique thanks to end-to-end encryption and various security features. Bell uses WebEx Conferencing. It is a user-friendly conferencing tool that can make every meeting with colleagues, customers, and partners easy. Both platforms allow businesses to connect with their team with just a few clicks.

Callture vs Bell: VoIP

VoIP has been the best alternative to traditional communication services. It allows businesses to make calls using the internet and converts your voice into a digital signal. With this feature included in your business phone plan, there is no doubt that every business transaction will be smooth.

Callture offers the cheapest business VoIP phone. Callture’s plan only costs $35.95 per month, gives customers unlimited domestic calling (in & out), and has over 15 features at one price. For Bell, the company advertises Bell Total Connect with Webex, which combines high-quality, cloud-based voice-over IP (VoIP). Both companies have a different take on VoIP, but both services are excellent.

Callture vs Bell: Customer Service

A provider that offers top-tier customer service will most likely receive positive feedback. However, companies who ignore customer concerns are given negative reviews and can later lose customers over the lack of customer care.

Callture and Bell are different in terms of customer service. Callture was recognized for delivering excellent customer service every time there was a problem with its business phone network. Callture also reports that it makes sure that every customer is treated with the utmost respect and priority. Although Bell has given its best in customer service, some customers have problems with the time it takes for a Bell representative to respond to issues. Bell’s customer service reputation is poor, the lowest in Canada.

Callture vs Bell: Reviews

For a company to grow, reviews need to be taken into account from time to time. With reviews, a company can improve or change how its business operates and how it will communicate with its customers.

When it comes to positive reviews, both Callture and Bell have their fair share. Bell customers say that Bell is a good provider and gives customers basic McAfee online security for free if they purchase an internet package. Callture has also received many good reviews from its customers. Callture customers love the excellent service, reliable network, and cost-effective plans Callture is known for.

Bell has received many complaints and backlash from customers. Some of the bad reviews directed to Bell are about extra charges, sudden and unannounced bill changes, poor customer service, and higher plan prices. Callture reviews focus on emails that are sometimes not responded to immediately, presumably due to the large number of customers needing assistance daily. Whichever service you choose, rest assured that Callture and Bell are both constantly improving their services for their customers’ welfare.


Business phone system providers often have the same goal, but the services offered can vary extensively. Phone providers have distinct features that make every phone service different from another. You can do your research, but ultimately you must choose the best provider for your business’s needs. A vital tip is that you should never choose a provider just because the company has an excellent website. Focus on what customers say about the company’s services and offers. From there, you will find the best service provider.

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