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Eric Villeneuve

“Calture is a fantastic company. I would recommend their services to anyone. Their phone system is awesome great pricing. Perfect for any type business. There are lots of similar companies out there but I find Calture beats them all.”

Mark Filler

“Really great service. I was set up with a really good plan for my business. After shopping around I found I could get more out of this system and a cheaper rate rather than going with the bigger companies. The support team who set up the account was very helpful and so far I am really enjoying my new phone. I highly recommend dealing with Callture and it's great knowing they are a local company in Toronto.”

Peachland Taxi

“Toll free service super stable and wonderful service only needed support once in 5 years. Would recommend to all.”

Andrei Chioibasu

“Very happy with the services and tech support of this company. I do recommend!”

Roger D.C.

“Excellent service provider. Their business telecom systems are reliable and their service is cost effective, coupled with superb, friendly customer support. Highly recommended!”


“I My name is Vince, my company has had callture inc. for several years now and I love it. sallie as been very professional and they are courteous as well. I would recommended for business to any one. great work.”


“Amazing Network and the Best Phone Service in Canada. The Phone System of Now and the Future.”


“The best 800 provider company worldwide over 10 years i have best quality service. Thank you Callture”

Matt Cianfarani

“Callture was amazing for our transition from RingCentral. We are saving about $600 monthly - and the service has been rock solid! Very, Very happy! Fausto, Sallie and the Onboarding team have all been amazing! Highly Recommended!”

Scan Flex

“I have been using Callture for over 10 years and never had a problem. The tech support and rates are excellent.”

Kenny Celtricks

“Used Callture after using other VoIP companies in the past. I have to say my experience with Callture was a lot better. The features included with the package plus having a personal customer service rep was a nice touch. I never missed any important calls but they gave me awesome music for when I put people on hold. I would highly recommend Callture if you are business owner looking to save money each month.”

Airport VIP Limo

“Great company to deal with ,as a small business owner i searched few Big time players like Rogers, Telus but they are not at all business friendly, and in fact Telus delayed my business launch 4 weeks because of their incompetency. Then i contacted Callture and account was setup in few minutes and toll free number was assigned right away.Thanks a lot and i recommend this company”

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Packed with Services and Features You can use:

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  • Memo on Call
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Internet Fax
  • Auto Attendant
  • Conference Calling
  • Call Recording

Get a toll free number or a local number from any city.

A toll-free number offers a big-company image to clients and other callers who want to contact you free of charge from wherever they are located.

A local number can provide a local presence in any target city. Many clients use local numbers in geographical targeted advertising.


Welcome callers with automated welcome message.

To add a big company feel, you can use a custom main greeting to inform callers of their options, such as accessing information or reaching a specific department. It can say "Welcome to ABC company. Please press 1 for sales, 2 for support", etc.


Route callers to departments and extensions.

You can set up a specific extension for each department or each employee.
Each extension can have a specific message and voicemail delivery settings.


Answer calls, check voicemails and faxes from anywhere.

The online account manager gives you full control over any PBX feature at any time. View all call details, change the routing, listen to voicemails and view account transactions, as well as many other features. All details are posted in real time, and all account changes are modified in real time as well.

The PBX may sound confusing at first, but if you break it up into a set of simple steps, you can begin to understand how the system works.

A caller dials your Nationwide Toll-Free number. They are immediately greeted by the Auto Attendant that plays a pre-recorded greeting. This greeting can either be a generic message that Callture has pre-recorded, or a personalized greeting that you can record. Callers are then instructed to dial a specific extension (Example - Press 251 for Sales). The caller dials the extension number and is immediately routed to a number that you have associated with this extension. You can then either accept the call, or have it go into your voicemail.

The caller will never hear a busy signal, and each call is logged for you to view in your online account manager.

How to use a PBX

Since our PBX is managed entirely online, you have full control over your system at all times. All you have to do is fill in the parameters (which tell the PBX where to forward each call) and you are done. It is an easy-to-understand process that is much better than the alternative (hardware), and comes with a variety of useful variety of useful features.

How to manage your PBX

Our PBX is quite possibly the easiest process you will ever need to understand. There are only 3 steps to follow, once your PBX is active.

  • Decide how many extensions you need, and have a corresponding phone number for each extension.
  • You have the option to record a personalized Auto Attendant greeting.
  • You also have the option to record personalized voicemails for each eligible extension.

Once these steps are completed, you can sit back and relax. Since there is no hardware to install and configure, you never have to deal with confusion, down-time, or pay a hefty bill for a technician to repair your PBX. It is simple to use, and easy to understand.

Sign up now and enjoy the benefits of a PBX today..

Toll Free Number

A toll-free number offers a big-company image to clients and other callers who want to contact you free of charge from wherever they are located.

We offer a variety of toll-free number types, from 800 and 866 extensions to vanity numbers.

A vanity number is a phone number that spells a name such as 1-800-FLOWERS or 1-855-COMPANY.

Local Number

A local number can provide a local presence in any target city. Many clients use local numbers in geographical targeted advertising.

We provide numbers for all major cities. These numbers can be forwarded to any number.

Professional Image

Create a professional image with a professional phone system that greets callers with a customized greeting, give them options such as press 1 for sales or 2 for customer service, and route them to you by forwarding the call to one phone or all your phones. Inform you through your Caller ID that it is a business call so you can answer the call professionally.

If you don't answer the call, it greets the caller with a professional voicemail and emails you the voicemails so you can call them back. It also comes with a separate fax line as well as conferencing. A full package to give the professional image your business needs and deserves.

Never Miss a Call - Quick and Easy Programming

Our PBX is quite possibly the easiest process you will ever need to understand. There are only 3 steps to follow, once your PBX is active.

  • Forward calls from your business phone system to your mobile, landline, or VoIP.
  • You can forward calls to all your phone numbers simultaneously or sequentially.
  • Calls can ring your mobile phone for 2 rings, and then ring your landline for 3 rings, etc.
  • Calls can ring all your numbers simultaneously — you can answer using any phone.
  • If you miss a call, it’s sent to a professional voicemail system and then emailed to you.
  • If your receptionist misses a call and doesn’t call back within 15 minutes, you’ll get a text.

Customized Main Greeting

To add a big company feel, you can use a custom main greeting to inform callers of their options, such as accessing information or reaching a specific department. It can say "Welcome to ABC company. Please press 1 for sales, 2 for support", etc.

Internet Fax

You will be given a separate fax number. Your clients can send faxes to this number the same way they do. However, when a fax is received by our system, it will be converted to a PDF and emailed to you.

You can send faxes from our site to any number from anywhere. You will have access to your faxes from anywhere. You don't need to pay extra for a separate fax line, fax machine, and toners.

Send and Receive Texts with Your Callture Business Number

  • Send texts from your mobile phone to your business clients with your business Caller ID rather than your personal cell phone.
  • When a customer sends a text to your Callture business number, it is forwarded to your cell phone.
  • You can have multiple numbers for texting while using the same mobile phone.

Listen or Read Voicemail on Your Mobile Phone

Voicemails are transcribed and sent as a text or email. Voicemails are emailed as a voice file as well, that can be played on your mobile phone.

Conference Calling

Set up a conference call with up to 10 people at any time. You can use this to train your clients or conduct a sales meeting.

Unlimited Extensions *

You can set up a specific extension for each department or each employee.

Each extension can have a specific message and voicemail delivery settings.

Memo On Call

A feature that is exclusive to this system, Memo On Call allows you to record notes after you finish with a call. These notes can be accessed at any time after the call. For example, if you are on the road and are not able to take down notes, you can record a memo after the call and then simply retrieve it when you get to your office, or whenever you need the information.


Allow callers to listen to music while they wait on hold. This is a feature that most big companies have.

Unlimited Call Handling

Do you receive multiple incoming calls throughout the day? This feature allows your callers to never hear a busy signal.

You can leave them on hold, send them to voicemail, or answer the call.

Call Forwarding

You never have to miss a call using this feature. You can have your phone system follow you wherever you go around the world.

Call Blast/Call Hunt

This feature allows you to call up to 5 different phone numbers simultaneously or sequentially and you can answer in any one of them. You can set up the phone to ring to your mobile phone, work phone, and home phone so you don't have to worry about missing a call.

Call Routing Extension

This feature allows you to distribute calls evenly across your sales staff or customer service staff. It also allows for multiple calls to be placed on hold.

Call Screening and Announce

This feature allows you to decide what you want to do with a call. You can answer a call, put it on hold, or send it to voicemail. You are also able to hear the caller's phone number or name before you answer.

Listen to Voicemail or Wireless

With our wireless play feature you can listen to any message using your iPhone, Blackberry, or other PDA.

Web-Based Administration

The online account manager gives you full control over any PBX feature at any time. View all call details, change the routing, listen to voicemails and view account transactions, as well as many other features. All details are posted in real time, and all account changes are modified in real time as well.

Informational Extensions

You can set up specific extensions that provide pre-recorded information to callers 24/7, such as directions to your location or hours of operation.

Online Call Reports

You can review your usage and call statistic reports using your online web interface.

After-Hours Mode

This feature allows you to set up your phone system specifically for the time of day it is. For example, you can set up the system to provide a different greeting after hours.

Voicemail Delivery

This message delivery service sends voicemails in MP3 format directly to any e-mail address(es) that you choose.

Live Call Transfer

Transfer a live call to another extension in the phone system, or another phone number anywhere in the world.

Virtual Calling Card

Your phone number can be used as virtual calling card account number if you are ever in need of one. All you have to do is call one of our many access numbers, enter your toll-free number and pin, and you are able to make long distance calls.

Call Recording

Need to remember what is said in a call? Our call recording feature can come in very handy when you need to remember key points from a phone call.

Click To Call

Our Call Me Button service allows people visiting your website to submit their phone number to your website and instantly be contacted to a company representative. The system instantly connects both you and the website user.

Voice Studio

Using the voice studio, you can choose a voice talent and greet your customers in a professional way.

Dial-by-Name Directory

This feature allows a caller to access your company directory and find a person they are looking for by dialing the first few letters of an employee name.


Allow callers to listen to music while they wait on hold. This is a feature that most big companies have.

True 800 Number

This is an original and well-known extension for toll-free numbers.

Toll-Free Vanity Number

Vanity numbers help your clients remember you - just choose a number for branding purposes, or simply for its significance (e.g. 1-800-4-BUY-NOW).

Transfer Existing Toll-Free Number

We accept all transfer numbers free of charge.

Additional Toll-FREE Numbers

Available upon request.

Additional Local Numbers

Available upon request.

Call Queue

You have the option of setting up a queue on any extension. If you receive multiple calls, all of them will be put in a queue and routed to your phone on a first come, first served basis.

Call Blocking

You can choose to block a specific phone number or area code from calling your toll-free/local number.

Rate Packages

Price Minutes Included Extensions Features Internet Fax Numbers (Tollfree or Local) Extra Minutes
Standard $ 4.95 0 None Voice Mail No 1 4.5 ¢
Professional $ 9.95 300 Unlimited All Included Yes 1 4.5 ¢
Enterprise $ 19.95 500 Unlimited All Included Yes 1 4.5 ¢
Platinum 2000 $ 47.95 2000 Unlimited All Included Yes 1 4.5 ¢
Platinum 2500 $ 58.95 2500 Unlimited All Included Yes 1 4.5 ¢
Platinum 3000 $ 78.95 3000 Unlimited All Included Yes 1 4.5 ¢


  • Free minutes apply only to USA & Canada.
  • Check international calling/termination rates by clicking below.


Callture is an Internet Telephony company founded in 2004 in Mississauga, Ontario. Callture was a spin-off of Telcan Inc, founded in 1997 in Waterloo, Ontario by three Engineering students while studying at University of Waterloo. The original founders continue to manage and take Callture to new horizons. The company provides business phone systems to companies and call centers, as well as prepaid phone services to consumers.

Since its inception, Callture has been investing heavily in its infrastructure to provide an exceptional service to its clients. The company has won several awards, such as Internet Telephony Product of the Year in 2012 and 2014 by TMCnet.com, and Best VoIP Company in Ocbober 2013 by rewiewauthority.com.

In 2013, Callture launched its new signature service to the Canadian market: oyemobile.com. OYE allows customers to easily make international calls, send messages, recharge their prepaid wireless account, and send payments to mobile phones worldwide.

OYE is sold by a network of retailers using Point of Sale terminals, with over 700 POS retailers selling OYE in Canada. Customers can also get the service at www.oyemobile.com or by downloading the App at www.oyemobile.com/app.

Business Units

Callture runs two business units: the Retail Services Unit and the Platform Outsourcing Solutions Unit. The Retail Unit provides value-added voice services to businesses and consumers. Business services include its signature Virtual PBX with its business-class features. Other business services include enhanced toll-free service, virtual international phone numbers, prepaid long distance, and click-to-talk service.

Consumer services include unlimited long distance, calling cards, and pc2phone service. All Callture services include a user-friendly online portal with automated order processing. Callture´s Retail Unit has also developed an online affiliate program with instant signup and reoccurring commissions for life.

The Platform Outsourcing Unit offers end-to-end telecom outsourcing solutions for entrepreneurs around the world. Callture´s web-based platform contains proprietary software 10 years in the making. Callture offers a wholesale model, where clients concentrate on pricing, distributing, and selling their own private label products and services; and leave all the technical and provisioning aspects to us. Callture´s on-demand model makes it a necessity to help clients grow their volume and succeed in minimum time.

Mamoon Rashid
President and CEO

Mr. Rashid is an Engineering graduate of the University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario. He is a co-founder of Callture in 2004. Mr. Rashid has over 15 years' experience in the IT and automotive industries. Before becoming President of Callture in 2004, he occupied the position of Director of Engineering of Telcan Inc. since 1997. During that period, Mr. Rashid led the engineering team at Telcan in building the proprietary platform and developing the complete IT infrastructure.

As leader of Callture, Mr. Rashid ensures the company continues to grow financially and technologically. Mr. Rashid directs and compensates employees for making clients happy, which results in innovative technology development and financial prosperity.

Siva Sanmuga
Vice President – Retail Services Unit

Mr. Sanmuga is also an Engineering graduate of the University of Waterloo with a Master's degree in Systems Design. His research was on Cloud-based image processing. He is a co-founder of Callture. Mr. Sanmuga has over 10 years' experience in Management and Finance. He previously occupied the position of Director of Finances at Callture, where he managed the development of many important projects, including the complete development of Callture’s CRM system and financial infrastructure. He is also the inventor of the patented technology Memo On Call.

Since his new position at Callture, Mr. Sanmuga has helped his unit successfully launch new value-added services to the North American market. He holds several patents in telecom-related technologies. At the same time, Mr. Sanmuga dedicates several weekly hours as a volunteer to his local community.

Anton Mendoza
Vice President – Platform Outsourcing Solutions Unit

Mr. Mendoza is an Engineering graduate of the University of Waterloo. As a co-founder of Telcan in 1997, and Callture in 2004, he has over 17 years' experience in the telecommunications sector, with a focus in the international telecom market and IP telephony platform solutions.

While traveling in 1995, he saw firsthand the business opportunity in all regulatory changes around the world; then again in 2003, he took advantage of the technology changes from PSTN to IP to help launch Callture's proprietary cloud platform. He continues directing in the growth of Callture's platform services in the US market, as well as the OYE retail services in the Canadian market.

In 1995, Anton Mendoza, Sanmuga, and Mamoon Rashid were attending the University of Waterloo's Engineering program. During one of the work terms, Anton and Siva met while working for the same employer. Siva and Mamoon met during their frosh week in 1992.

During Anton’s and Siva’s work term they traveled together for almost two hours each day. During their traveling time, they would discuss different business opportunities. The following year while Anton was on vacation he met a friend whose company was looking for a reliable international callback provider. Upon returning, Anton discussed this business proposition with Siva, both seeing potential and decided to pursue this further.

At the time, at least a $2M capital investment was required to establish a telecommunication business. As both of them were students, and came from below average income families, this investment was not possible. Having an engineering background, they decided to create the telecommunication switch from scratch.

At that time, Mamoon was introduced to Anton and the three founded Telcan Inc. Mamoon, at the time, had a part-time software development business, through which he had worked on projects for national and international firms.

In fall of 1996, in Anton’s basement, Mamoon developed the first callback switch and billing system using a Tandy (386) computer that was donated by Anton’s father. The system was built on Dialogic hardware. The initial system was built to handle 4 analog lines.

The founders operated on a part-time basis for more than 2 years while still attending school. Right after graduation in 1998, Anton was hired as the first full-time employee. The company acquired about $15,000 capital from the founder’s families and used this for equipment purchase, collocation space in New York, and deposit for carriers. And, this is how it all started.



  • Telcan was founded by Siva Sanmuga, Anton Mendoza, and Mamoon Rashid.
  • The company purchased voice hardware, developed a basic call processing software, and built a website to provide an international callback service. The first 5 clients were contracted that year, billing about $6,000 USD/month.


  • The founders graduated from University and Anton started to work full time. His salary was partly subsidized by Siva and Mamoon, who had full-time jobs as engineers in other companies.


  • The company moved to an office.
  • The company had 5 employees.


  • Telcan was providing international callback service to resellers around the world, as well as selling the service online.


  • The company started providing calling cards, toll-free numbers, and virtual PBX through its platform to end users, agents, and private-label resellers in the US/Canada market.
  • Callback was still the main business, providing most of the revenue for Telcan.


  • The first VoIP application was developed.
  • Callture was created as a spin-off of Telcan. It uses the same founders as managers but in different positions.
  • Mamoon Rashid became President, Siva Sanmuga became VP of Business Services, and Anton Mendoza became VP of Platform Services and Consumer Services.


  • Callback business considerably declined and phone forwarding service was still strong.


  • Callture’s new wholesale model would provide prepaid platform services to entrepreneurs and service providers in the telecom industry.
  • As callback revenues continued to decline, Wholesale focused on VoIP callshop services to international dealers mainly in Europe, Middle East, and Africa.
  • The company invested heavily in developing the platform, focusing on calling cards, VoIP, PBX and retail portals.


  • The wholesale department shifted focus on marketing the platform for prepaid phone cards and prepaid retail portals for PINless services in North America, as these products showed maturity.
  • The company adds new international carriers to the LCR, dramatically improving pricing, redundancy and voice quality.


  • A wide array of reporting tools for service providers was added.


  • Introduced value-added services to its white-label e-commerce offering.
  • Launches IVR apps for activations, credit card recharges, and promotional programs.


  • Adds U.S. mobile top-up to its platform.
  • Dramatically improves its VoIP phone service.


  • Introduces wireless MVNO services to its platform clients.
  • Launches new POS portal.


  • Introduces new Smartphone Apps for platform customers that allow users to make VoIP calls, send messages, and send mobile payments.
  • Further enhances websites and shopping carts for platform customers.
  • OYE was launched to the Canadian market.


  • Continues to develop add-on features for its Smartphone apps.


  • Introduces Prepaid Canadian Wireless Payment Services to OYE customers.

Callture Office PBX

Our Business VoIP phone service brings you all the features of a Fortune 500 phone system at an affordable cost. For just $35.95/month you can make unlimited calls to any number in the US and receive unlimited calls on your local phone number.

Inbound calls through our toll-free number service is just 4.5 cents/minute. We provide pre-configured VoIP phones, which work automatically once you plug it in with an internet connection, with no added hassle.

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