Jul 02, 2019 / By Sofia Jackob

Top Challenges That VARs Face When Integrating a Cloud-Based, Hosted PBX and Ways to Overcome It

Small and mid-sized business can benefit a lot when they integrate a hosted PBX system to their customer service, sales & marketing platforms and backend software. A hosted PBX system already allows businesses to cut down their telephony infrastructure costs significantly while elevating their business communications. Integrating a state-of-the-art PBX system with the sales, marketing & customer service operational platforms takes the entire business communications to the next level.

A cloud-based hosted PBX system on the front-end integrated with the back-end operational platform creates end-to-end connectivity and provides seamless visibility, opening a plethora of benefits such as improved customer experience, faster response time and prompt problem resolution.

However, integrating two diverse platforms is neither easy nor straightforward. As a Value-Added Reseller, this is the area where you can contribute tremendously by helping your B2B clients proactively address some of the challenges they may face when integrating a PBX system to the backend platforms. 

At Callture, we believe in standing by our partners. We have supported many MSPs, and VARs to develop and integrate some unique solutions for their business clients. Having worked closely through this process, we were able to document some common challenges and the possible solutions to address them.

1. Diverse Backend Platforms and Systems

The Obstacle:

A robust, secure and future-ready scalable integration requires effective management of synchronization between the multiple and potentially diverse platforms. Proper coordination between service providers powering the various platforms is crucial for a seamless post-implementation run.

The Solution:

  • Embrace the best practices — start with detailed research and understanding of the existing systems and map the end-to-end process pre and post-integration as well as potential challenges and roadblocks
  • Documenting the incompatibilities and work with your hosted PBX partner to customize the API for a smooth handover/system-to-system communication
  • Collaborate with your customer’s key stakeholders from various departments to redesign the whole internal process, launch and test it
  • Dynamically maintain the vendor relationships
  • Maintain an excellent backup and fail-safe options so that the system functions even when you are resolving issues arising from the integration
2. Adapting to the new system

The Obstacle:

Organizations are under pressure to introduce new technologies, yet the users that are comfortable using the old system might resist the change. Their hesitation stems from their lack of knowledge of the newer technology. Discussing their vulnerability might not always be an option.

The Solution:

  • Include an organization-wide training option into the integration cost factor
  • Work with the key stakeholders to educate user groups about the upcoming changes
  • Share success stories and potential benefits of adopting the new technology or system
  • Recommend your B2B customers to run a short-term campaign encouraging the users to adapt to the new system
  • Provide your B2B client with a level 2 tech support option so that they have access to the technical assistance they require until the internal tech teams become confident in handling the issues themselves. Providing the support teams with the right tools to manage the different situations and backup support will make them more open to adopting the new system.
3. Cost-control and Budget Management

The Obstacle:

Customers may want to use their existing phones or hardware to keep the cost of the project within the budget. However, some of the legacy equipment may not support VoIP technology. This may prevent the customers from getting the full advantage of the hosted PBX system or even prevent it from providing optimal performance.

The Solution:

  • Do not shy away from costing all potential update or upgrade that your B2B clients may need to incur to replace the old system, especially if it is important for the new integrated system to work seamlessly
  • Discuss the potential drawbacks that they may have to face if they do not consider replacing all of the older systems
  • If they need to buy new routers, wires, phones and switches for optimal performance of their communication system – then this cost must be provided to them upfront. Customers will take an informed decision when you provide them with complete information
  • Encourage them to reserve some budget to address unforeseen expenses. Include cost experts to forecast unexpected expenses
4. Adherence to the Governing Compliance, Security and Privacy

The Obstacle:

Integrating front offices to back-end systems offers various benefits to its users by providing a transparent, connected environment. As a result, an integrated system may also open potential weak links to the security of the system, create discrepancies in governing the compliance and expose user data and privacy to hacking risks.

As the value-added reseller, you are equally responsible for safeguarding user privacy and data, managing compliance guidelines and preventing security gaps.

The Solution:

  • Design proper protocols for compliance in security frameworks
  • Be more attentive when it comes to protecting data circulation and other similar aspects
  • Integrate system management solutions that adhere to the regulatory compliance to provide an extra layer of protection to the data
  • Ensure that there is a protocol for tight security for the cloud-based solution you are planning to offer
  • Train and certify IT Staff to tackle security issues that they face using the proper solution
  • Use of security tools to significantly reduce the problems related to security

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