Oct 30, 2019 / By Sofia Jackob

Top 3 Reason Why MSPs Have to Recommend VoIP CRM Integrations to SMBs

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platforms are one of the most crucial tools that several businesses are using today to keep track of interactions they have with both their existing clients and their prospects.

As an MSP, you can now integrate the CRM with business phone systems for businesses. This allows the two platforms to exchange relevant and crucial data without any hurdles. CRM tools like Salesforce, Zoho CRM, SugarCRM, etc. offer integration with cloud phone systems, which enables companies to improve their marketing and sales efforts by checking the data and the analytics that they can acquire from these reports.

If any business owners still doubt how powerful VoIP CRM integration is, these following use-cases will change their mind.

Actionable Calling Data Updated in Real-Time

Companies gain valuable insight and information each time their representatives speak with their prospects or existing customers. With a VoIP CRM integration, they can say goodbye to manually updating customer profiles, because all interactions are recorded and automatically updated in real-time.

Additionally, businesses also have valuable data that they can activate, such as which device generated the call, what time of the day most calls are made, location of the call, etc. - all of which can be used to improve customer experience, test different tactics and boost office productivity. For instance, if a client of yours sees a surge in calls asking about a seasonal product, you can suggest them to run a campaign on social media showcasing new models and update info on the website about the items. This results in fewer calls asking about the same item, which takes the workload off the Customer Service team so they can have more time to answer other questions from customers.

Boosting Customer Experience

How many times have you been frustrated by a long wait time for customer service, to only then have to repeat your situation to every representative you talk to? Don’t let this happen to your clients!

If the CRM and VoIP systems are linked to each other, front line staff see a pop-up of the customer profile whenever they receive a call. If your clients have staff dedicated to answering customers’ queries, they will have a chance to review customers’ past tickets or questions and will be more prepared when picking up the phone. Callture’s patented Memo On Call feature even allows agents to record notes after each customer’s call, which quickly alerts agents about past issues or conversations, as well as the status of the deal is and respond accordingly. Customers are not only satisfied, but impressed when they don’t have to explain their situation and their issue is resolved in a timely manner.

The integration is a fantastic tool for sales teams as well. This gives agents all the relevant information before they start to communicate with their customers. With data like previous purchases or products in cart, it’s easier for agents to see the customer’s interests and seize the opportunity to upsell or close the deal.

Efficient Team Management

Zooming out to the management’s point of view, sales team performance can be monitored with ease. Only the VoIP CRM integration can generate reports showing the number of calls made or hang-ups in a period of time, average time per call, average wait time, and more. These key metrics give managers a satisfactory view of any individual’s performance to assess the need for further training.

Furthermore, seasonal patterns may reveal times in which the phones don’t ring as often, so agents can be assigned to other tasks during these times rather than wasting time waiting for the next call.

These are just some of the amazing benefits that companies will enjoy when they choose VoIP CRM integration. Let your clients and potential customers know about this technology and help them achieve their goals.

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