Oct 11, 2019 / By Sofia Jackob

How VoIP Solutions Generate High Margins for MSPs

Canada has become a bustling hub for entrepreneurs, with the second most start-ups in the world, next to the U.S. Since 2015, 13% of Canadians have identified as entrepreneurs. Plus, since the Canadian government introduced the Start-up Visa Program, more and more people are joining the Small and Medium Business (SMB) domain. This translates into a tremendous opportunity for MSPs to jump in and provide support to ambitious businesses.

When it comes to providing value to SMBs, VoIP is one of the most highly recommended solutions as it helps with productivity, efficiency, mobility and lowering overall costs. But, what’s in it for MSPs when they offer VoIP solutions? Here are 3 solid reasons why we say VoIP solutions generates high margins for MSPs and other resellers:

1. Much Less Competition

Right now, only a handful of MSPs are offering hosted PBX solutions. With most startups showing a great deal of interest in cloud products, this opportunity is often missed by MSPs. Companies that choose to add VoIP solutions will be the pioneers, making more money than they could’ve ever predicted! And, since there is very little competition in this arena, it is easy to rapidly scale up if the right resources and tactics are employed.

The best part about Hosted PBX is that it is very secure and budget-friendly, while significantly boosting office collaboration, productivity and customer experience. Clients who use this system will not only love the experience, but they will also be open to other IT solutions that MSPs suggest.

2. Receive a Monthly Income

There’s a myth that VoIP is not profitable for MSPs. But, this couldn’t be further from the truth. MSPs earn a bulk amount when they install the traditional PBX systems in a company. The legacy phone systems, however, barely generate any income. On the other hand, subscription-based VoIP solutions generate recurring monthly revenues. MSPs can then help businesses scale the Cloud PBX system or upsell them with other integrations or services.

Isn’t this the reason why more and more VARs are transitioning to become MSPs? Subscription-based services are much more sustainable than one-time payment products.

3. Shift Your Focus Towards Sales

MSPs do not have to work very hard to earn money once they sell the service, as they will generate a monthly income without fail. MSPs do not have to pay for licenses or subscriptions, and several tasks such as system update, system maintenance works, and other similar jobs are eliminated altogether.

With a VoIP solution as part of their portfolio, MSPs are going to earn a stable income without having to spend a lot of time or resources to manage each account. As a result, they will have more time to generate leads, build a stronger sales team and grow their own business.

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