Aug 08, 2019 / By Sofia Jackob

Boosting Your MSP Business with Cloud PBX

Small and medium-sized businesses are indeed the backbone of the Canadian economy. As of Jan 2019, 99.7% of companies in the Government of Canada business database are small or medium. MSPs can make huge profits if they target well.

Across the world, technology is changing rapidly. Businesses are adopting emerging technologies like the big data, AI, IoT and blockchain at a staggering rate. These emerging technologies are changing the way businesses are functioning. Enabling a smart, connected system improves not only their bottom line and process efficiency but also contributes to faster growth and better customer satisfaction.

Canadian small businesses are still hesitant to include even IP telephony or cloud PBX as part of their business transformation conversations. A good number of companies are still using a landline as their primary business communications. There is a need for Canadian companies to jump on the bandwagon of change.

In other parts of the world, it was the IT companies that kick-started the technology adoption, shifting from the reactive models that are break-fix to proactive models. Managed service providers in Canada can make a huge impact on the way small or medium businesses are doing business by introducing the new technology.

The managed service provider can provide the right tools and services to SMBs so that they do not waste time when they encounter an issue. For example, monitoring the client's systems and fixing them before they become a problem is good.

Here is everything that you need to know about Cloud PBX and the reasons why you, as an IT support company, should plan on offering it to your clients.

What Exactly Is Cloud PBX?

Now, cloud PBX appeared first in the 1990s when the telephone systems and computing first started to integrate. There was a reduction in the costs as well as improvement in call handling.

Cloud PBX took off once the internet speeds have increased, and the cloud became popular. Small Businesses have to spend a lot to buy and maintain traditional PBX systems. Fortunately, with the advent of the cloud, things have changed for good. Companies do not have to spend any money to get the hardware. On top of it, since the payments for the services can be done every month, they can scale it up or down depending on need.

Why Should You Sell Cloud PBX?

Besides, the IT services, almost all the companies need telecoms solution. Since you are a support company, you can provide a complete solution to an SMB if you have the right solutions to their unique business needs. These are the benefits that businesses will get to enjoy when they get a Cloud PBX.

  • Enterprise-Level Security
  • Voice/Video Conferencing
  • Cloud-Based Management Console
  • Rapid Deployment

One thing that MSPs need to ensure is that they provide 24/7 technical support to handle technical snags. Adopting a new technology becomes easy when MSPs consider this point. It is one way to provide a seamless experience to the customers so that they can relax when they encounter a problem.

Security of the System

A lot of companies are worried about the safety of devices that work on the internet. While there were so many concerns about the cloud, things have changed now as it became mature. The security of the Cloud PBX depends mainly on the supplier. MSPs that take care of this aspect will have the edge over their competitors.

It will also be helpful if MSPs maintain an incident response as well as the disaster recovery plans. Providing high-security to the data centres is one thing. There should be a provision to route the data through another network if there is a hardware issue in the data centre. All these factors can improve the customer experience.

The Complete Package

One way for MSPs to boost their company is by providing their clients with a complete package to support their business. Providing telecoms package is necessary apart from giving them a complete business technology. Since traditional systems are expensive and difficult to maintain, Cloud PBX is the best option for SMEs.

Companies will be happy to work with MSPs when they see that they are becoming efficient. Using new technology like Cloud PBX can help SMEs to cut down the costs by 40% and increasing their efficiency by almost 60%.

As an MSP, if you want to do well, you should consider all these aspects and add Cloud PBX as one of your services. It will help your customers to work with you for all their business needs instead of relying on a few other suppliers.

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Note: The listed features may not be included in all packages and pricing options and are subject to availability.