Apr 03, 2020 / By Sofia Jackob

5 Real-Life Use Cases When VoIP CRM Integration Is Essential to Retail Businesses

Retail is changing at an ever-increasing speed. Most businesses execute an omnichannel strategy in which consumers can engage with a single organization across multiple sales channels including mobile devices, desktop computers, tablets, physical storefronts, catalogues, and so much more! Consumers demand a seamless, comfortable, reliable, convenient, and prompt purchasing experience. It only takes one negative experience to make a current customer a "has-been" customer.

As an MSP, you should be able to help businesses adapt to this demand. This means that you have to elevate your solutions to reach exceptional customer experience and engagement. One way to achieve this is through CRM integrations with VoIP services. This is your guide to the extensive benefits of VoIP integration with CRM systems and use cases that retailers can take advantage of in daily customer interactions.

CRM refers to a customer relationship management system. It is a versatile and robust platform that helps businesses stay connected to current customers, engage with potential leads, streamline business processes, and improve overall operational efficiency while increasing profitability. Your CRM allows your business to track customer behaviour and analyze data from one central location, providing insights to help your company grow and scale. 

VoIP stands for voice over internet protocol. It is an innovative technology that allows voice communications as well as multimedia sessions, such as video chat, to take place via internet connections. This means that you can communicate with customers over a computer, mobile device, a traditional phone with an adapter, and so much more! The use of VoIP for communication purposes both within the company and externally allows for complete portability, increased accessibility, and a greater degree of flexibility at a lower cost than traditional landline phone services.

Benefits of Integrating VoIP with Your CRM System

Although both CRMs and VoIPs act as effective standalone products, integrating these two revolutionary technologies together offers retail businesses unprecedented potential for growing their company and remaining at the forefront of their respective industries.

Save Time Handling Calls

There is no need to worry about jumping from different screens or even devices to make a phone call. Call clients and prospective leads directly from a CRM platform with just a click of a button. The amount of time saved will allow team members to make more phone calls per day, thereby increasing productivity.

Use case: Jim doesn't have to minimize or close out of the CRM to join in on a conference call with his supervisors. In fact, he can be on the call and pull up any pertinent information at the same time.

Automatic Call Data Logging

It takes time to look up customer information, contact pages, prior interactions, and to log notes from each call made. Instead of employees wasting valuable time manually typing important notes from every call (i.e. time of call, duration, phone number, etc.), VoIP integration does it automatically. The system can even track whether the call came from a mobile device or a landline. This not only saves a substantial amount of time, but it also reduces the likelihood of human error from manual entry.

Use case: Let's say that Susan has 10 leads she would like to call before the end of the day but she's running tight on time. Instead of having to manually enter notes from each call before making the next one, she can immediately call the next lead. Susan will be able to make more phone calls in a shorter period of time.

Identify Better Marketing Strategies

With VoIP and CRM integrations, your clients will have access to closed-loop analytics. This gives their sales team and marketing department valuable insight into the business. Their marketing team can analyze consumer behaviour and build campaign strategies based on their conclusions. It also allows marketers to test out different strategies and gain a better understanding of the consumer experience and how to elevate it.

Use case: The head of the sales team discovers that because of the volume of phone calls and long wait times, 10% of callers are hanging up before a team member is able to assist them. The team then implements a solution to alleviate the issue by either adding more staff, automating more processes - such as payments based on account number, and making more services available online.

Improve Overall Management

A VoIP CRM integration allows managers to obtain reports on key metrics of each department or even each team member. This gives supervisors the opportunity to see the number of calls taken per day, the number of hang-ups, average call times, and average wait times for each consumer. This information allows managers to make more informed decisions on where improvements need to be made, as well as the times in which more staffing may be needed or reduced.

Use case: Is there a time of day when the average wait time per caller is longer than acceptable? If so, the manager can add additional staff to that time period to reduce overall wait times and increase the consumer experience.

A Better Customer Experience

The most important benefit to adopting a VoIP integration with CRM systems is that your retail clients can deliver an overall better consumer experience. Screen pop-ups for incoming calls directly on your clients' CRM system give them the advantage of seeing who is calling and the opportunity to prepare before taking the call. This ensures a higher-quality interaction. The technology can anticipate customer needs before they reach your business clients by giving the employee the incoming caller's profile or creating a new ticket with all the caller's information. During an interaction, the team member will have access to the caller's CRM profile, which includes the number of visits to the website, which items were purchased, and even which ones the caller viewed. This valuable information helps the team member better understand the caller's needs and plan their approach for maximum effectiveness.

Use case: Susan has a screen pop-up for an incoming call from Bob's Construction Company. She instantly knows who is calling, allowing for her to pull up and review their account even before answering the call. Susan sees that her customer recently placed an order for insulation and that it is ready to be shipped. Although Susan may not know exactly what Bob's Construction Company needs, she does know what is going on with their account and is better able to help serve her customer as soon as she answers the call.

Take Your Retail Company to the Next Level

The success of your retail clients may very well depend on their ability to change with the times and keep up with advances in technology. CRM integrations with VoIP allow staff to elevate the customer experience by better understanding each consumer's needs, having customer information and history at their fingertips, reducing wait times, troubleshooting issues more quickly, offering more precise solutions, and being able to identify areas within the operation that need to be improved (i.e. increased staffing)
The best part is that CRM integrations do not have to break the bank. Solutions are available for every price range. Now is the time to invest in CRM integrations with VoIP for your retail business!

Callture is one of the pioneers in VoIP CRM integration solutions. Over the years, we have developed advanced features, such as one-click call from the CRM platform and our patented Memo On Call – a voice note recording that autosaves as a text message and can be viewed later on by other team members. Whether your clients use Zoho CRM, Salesforce, Goldmine, or any other platform, Callture’s VoIP Solution can integrate and work seamlessly.

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