About Us
We are proud of the fact that our entire business was a bootstrapped start-up that has evolved into an A+ rated multi-national. In fact, so humble were our beginnings that our first switch was located in one of our partner's parents’ basement! As we grow from strength to strength, we remain as committed as ever to pushing technological boundaries as we proudly continue to serve our partners, employees, community, and of course, you - our valued customers.

Mamoon Rashid

President and CEO
Mr. Rashid is an Engineering graduate of the University of Waterloo, in Ontario. He was a co-founder of Telcan in 1997, and Callture in 2004. Mr. Rashid has over 15 years' experience in the IT and automotive industries. Before becoming President of Callture in 2004, he occupied the position of Director of Engineering of Callture Inc. since 1997. During that period, Mr. Rashid led the engineering team at Callture in building the proprietary platform and developing the complete IT infrastructure, which Callture uses today. As leader of Callture, Mr. Rashid ensures the company continues to grow financially and technologically. Mr. Rashid directs and compensates employees for making clients happy, which results in innovative technology development and financial prosperity.

Siva Sanmuga

Vice President – Retail Services Unit
Mr. Sanmuga is also an Engineering graduate of the University of Waterloo with a Master's degree in Systems Design. He co-founded Telcan in 1997, and Callture in 2004. Mr. Sanmuga has over 10 years' experience in Management and Finance. He previously occupied the position of Director of Finances at Callture, where he managed the development of many important projects, including the complete development of Callture’s CRM system and financial infrastructure. Since his new position at Callture, Mr. Sanmuga has helped his unit successfully launch new value-added services to the North American market. At the same time, Mr. Sanmuga dedicates several weekly hours as a volunteer to charitable causes.

Anton Mendoza

Vice President – Platform Outsourcing Solutions Unit
Mr. Mendoza is also an Engineering graduate of the University of Waterloo. As a co-founder of Telcan in 1997, and Callture in 2004, he has over 10 years' experience in the telecommunications sector, with a focus in the international long distance market and IP telephony platform solutions. As an international traveler, he has seen firsthand all regulatory and technology changes around the world, from the legacy systems to the latest IP technology. He continues directing his unit to help customers succeed in delivering voice applications to their users.

Michael Herter

Vice President – Channel Sales
Mr. Herter is an ardent technology fan and self-proclaimed "geek". If it's electronic, beeps, blinks, or makes noise, he has either purchased or plans to purchase it. In addition to his large family, his passions include home renovation projects and sports: US professional football (Patriots and Giants), Baseball (Red Sox), Basketball (Celtics), Hockey (Bruins and Devils), and Soccer. He came to Callture after a 9-year career at Fonality Inc., serving in multiple senior sales/channel sales roles. He’s a 20+ year technology industry veteran, having held numerous strategic direct and channel sales positions with notable organizations such as Merisel Inc. and Lucent Technologies. Additionally, he has also held various Senior Level Channel Sales/Direct Sales roles for notable startups such as Vitts Networks and New World Technologies, and has actively been used in project-based consulting roles concerning channel development, channel creation, and sales processes. He has guest lectured on sales and marketing topics at area colleges, and has been a key presenter at numerous technical seminars and vendor shows throughout the country. Michael loves the notion of business building through sales processes; in particular, building and growing channel-focussed enterprises. He believes that the best sales results come from organizations that build solid relationships - that are earned over time (some of his channel partners have been with him for a decade or more). He has a BSc in Economics with a Minor in Marketing from Fitchburg State University. He is a founding father of Sigma Pi National Fraternity, Eta Tau Chapter, and is currently serving a two-year term on the Alumni Advisory Council. LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/pub/michael-herter/0/16b/b90
Callture runs two business units: the Retail Services Unit and the Platform Outsourcing Solutions Unit. The Retail Services Unit provides value-added voice services to businesses and consumers. Our business services include our signature cloud-based business phone service with its business-class features. Other business services include enhanced toll-free service, virtual international phone numbers, prepaid long distance, and click-to-talk service. Consumer services include unlimited long distance, calling cards, and pc2phone service. All Callture services include a user-friendly online portal with automated order processing. Callture's Retail Services Unit has also developed an online affiliate program with instant sign up and reoccurring commissions for life. The Platform Outsourcing Solutions Unit offers end-to-end Telecom outsourcing solutions for entrepreneurs around the world. Callture's web-based platform contains proprietary software 10 years in the making. Callture offers a wholesale model, where clients concentrate on pricing, distributing, and selling their own private label products and services; and leave all the technical and provisioning aspects to us. Callture's on-demand model makes it a necessity to help clients grow their volume and succeed in minimal time.
In 1995, Anton Mendoza and Siva Sanmuga were attending University of Waterloo's Civil Engineering co-op program. They met during one of their work terms, as they shared the same employer. While traveling in Anton’s car for almost one hour each way, they began to discuss starting a business together. The intention was to find developers overseas to work on software projects. On one of Anton’s trips, one of the contacts informed him of their need for setting up a callback switch to process calls from emerging markets to Western countries. At that time, Siva introduced Mamoon Rashid to Anton. Mamoon, also a Civil Engineering student, had software development experience and was the leading brain in developing the first switch platform. The first hardware was a 386 Tandy computer donated by Anton’s father. Mamoon developed the first callback switch and billing using Visual Voice software and a 4 port Dialogic analog card. This platform was used to provide telecom service to a dozen multinational companies. The founders operated part time for more than 2 years while still attending school. Right after graduation in 1998, Anton started to work full time, becoming the first employee. The company acquired about $15,000 in capital from the founders' families and used it to set up equipment at a collocation space in New York, buy a digital card, and pay deposits to carriers. And, this is how it all started.


  • – Company was founded by Siva Sanmuga, Anton Mendoza, and Mamoon Rashid.
  • – The company purchased a voice card, developed basic call processing software, and built a website to provide an international callback service. The first 5 clients were contracted that year, billing about $6,000 USD/month.
  • – The founders graduated from university and Anton started to work full time. His salary was partly subsidized by Siva and Mamoon, who had full-time jobs as engineers with other companies.
  • – The company moved to an office.
  • – The company had 5 employees.
  • – The company was providing international callback service to resellers around the world, as well as selling the service online.
  • – The company started providing calling cards, toll-free numbers, and virtual PBX, using its platform to end users, agents, and private-label resellers in the US/Canada market.
  • – Callback was still the main business, providing most of the revenue for Callture.
  • – Callture started focusing on VoIP technology.
  • – The first VoIP application was developed.
  • – Callback business considerably declined and toll-free service was still strong.
  • – Callture was divided into two departments: Retail and Wholesale. Retail would provide business phone services to SMBs. Wholesale would provide prepaid platform services to entrepreneurs and service providers.
  • – As callback revenues continued to decline, Wholesale focused on VoIP call shop services to international dealers, mainly in the Middle East and Africa.
  • – The company invested heavily in developing the platform, focusing on calling cards, VoIP, PBX, and retail portals.
  • – New toll-free site with easy and quick setup wizard was launched.
  • – The wholesale department shifted focus on marketing the platform for prepaid phone cards and prepaid retail portals for PINless services in North America, as these products showed maturity.
  • – The company adds new international carriers to the LCR, dramatically improving pricing, redundancy, and voice quality.
  • – Adds a wide array of reporting tools for service providers.
  • – Introduces value-added services to its white-label ecommerce offering.
  • – Launches IVR apps for activations, credit card recharges, and promotional programs.
  • – Adds international mobile top up to its platform.
  • – Dramatically improves its VoIP phone service.
  • – Introduces wireless MVNO services to its platform clients.
  • – Launches new POS portal.
  • – Revamps website www.callture.com.
  • – Launched Smartphone VoIP Dialer App for Prepaid Platform Providers.
  • – Launched OYE Mobile, a prepaid telecom service for the Canadian market.
  • – The VoIP platform was re-architected to introduce redundancies at every level.
  • – Achieved 99.999% uptime.
  • – OYE Mobile launched its Smartphone App, OYE Dialer.
  • – OYE introduced the Canadian Mobile Recharge service for prepaid wireless customers.
  • – The VoIP platform was enhanced to allow it to be deployed in multiple data centers quickly, including on the Google Cloud as well as on AWS.
  • – In-house built monitoring system was launched to monitor every aspect of the platform every 5 minutes, and to escalate based on the issue.
  • – OYE Mobile signed up over 1,600 Point of Sale retailers in Toronto, Montreal, and Calgary.
  • – Launched leading portal for partners to manage their business. It includes functionalities to create and manage customizable quotes and sub-agents, as well as to monitor the entire onboarding process.