You will never miss another call with our Voicemail System. The system allows you to pick up missed calls, customize greetings and access voice messages from anywhere in the world—either through a Toll Free Number or the Internet. You can also archive messages for later use.

Key Features

» Record your own greeting over the phone
» Retrieve messages from any phone by calling a Toll Free Number.
» Archive message online » Download and listen to your message from anywhere at anytime.
» Set whether you want the voicemail to activate immediately or after a specified number of rings.
» Notification via email whenever a client leaves a voicemail


The pricing for the Voicemail System in the first month is free. The charges are as follows:
» Monthly Charge: $9.95/month - $4.99/month (limited time offer)
» Archiving messages: Archiving calls past 30 days: $10 per month plus 5¢ per message per month

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