Features and Benefits

Toll Free Number
A toll free number offers a big company image to clients and other callers who want to contact you free of charge from wherever they are located. We offer a variety of toll free number types, from 800 and 866 extensions to vanity numbers. A vanity number is a phone number that spells a name such as 1800FLOWER or 1855COMPANY.

Professional Image
Create a professional image with a professional phone system that greets callers with a customized greeting, give them options such as press 1 for sales or 2 for customer service and route them to you by forwarding the call to one phone or all of your phones. Inform you through your callerid that it is a business call so you can answer the call professionally. If you don't answer the call, it greets the caller with a professional voicemail and email you the voicemails so you can call them back. It also comes with a separate fax line as well as conferencing. A full package to give a professional image your business needs and deserves.

Never Miss a Call
Forward calls to your SoundBigger business phone system to any phone including your mobile, landline and/or Voip. You can forward the call to all of your phone numbers at the same time or one after the other. Calls can be programmed to ring to your mobile phone for two rings and then to ring your home for 3 rings and so on. It can also be programmed to ring all the numbers at the same time. You can answer the call at any of your phone. If you miss a call then it is sent to a professional voicemail system and the voicemails are emailed to you. This way you don't miss a single call.

Customized Main Greeting
To add a big company feel you can use a custom main greeting to inform callers of their options, such as accessing information or reaching a specific department. It can say " Welcome to ABC company. Please press 1 for sales. 2 for Support etc.

Internet Fax
You will be given a separate number for fax. Your clients can send fax to this number the same way they do. However, when a fax is received by our system, it is going to be converted to a pdf and emailed to you. You can send faxes from our site to any number from anywhere. You will have access to your fax from anywhere. You don't need to pay extra for a separate fax line, fax machine and toners.

Conference Calling
Set up a conference call with upto 10 people at any time. You can use this to train your clients or conduct a sales meeting

Local Number
A local number can provide a local presence in any target city. Many clients use local numbers in geographical targeted advertising. We provide numbers for all major cities. These numbers can be forwarded to any numbers.

Unlimited Extensions *
You can setup a specific extension for each department or each employee. Each extension can have specific message and voicemail delivery settings.

Memo On Call
A feature that is exclusive to this system, Memo on Call allows you to record notes after you finish with a call. These notes can be accessed at any time after the call. For example, if you are on the road and are not able to take notes down, you can record a memo after the call and then simply retrieve it when you get to your office, or whenever you need the information.

Allow callers to listen to music while they wait on hold. This is a feature that most big companies have.

Unlimited Call Handling
Do you receive multiple incoming calls throughout the day? This feature allows your callers to never hear a busy signal. You can leave them on hold, send them to voicemail, or answer the call.

Live Call Transfer
Transfer a live call to another extension in the phone system, or another phone number anywhere in the world.

Virtual Calling Card
Your phone number can be used as virtual calling card account number if you are ever in need of one. All you have to do is call one of our many access numbers, enter your toll free number and pin, and you are able to make long distance calls.

Call Blast
This feature allows to call up to 5 different phone numbers simultaneously.

Call Recording
Need to remember what is said in a call? Our call recording feature can come in very handy when you need to remember key points from a phone call.

Click To Call
Our Call Me Button service allows people visiting your website to submit their phone number to your website and instantly be contacted to a company representative. The System instantly connects both you and the website user.

Dial-By-Name Directory
This feature allows a caller to access your company directory and find a person they are looking for by dialing the first few letters of an employee name.

Transfer Existing Toll-FREE Number
We accept all transfer numbers free of charge.

Additional Toll-FREE Numbers
Available upon request.

Additional Local Numbers
Available upon request.

Q & A Extensions. Call Qeue
You have the option of setting up a queue on any extension. If you receive multiple calls, all of them will be put on a queue and routed to your phone on a first come first serve basis.

Call Blocking
You can choose to block a specific phone number or area code from calling your toll free/local number.